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ATSU Kirksville Institutional Review Board: Home

IRB News and Events

The Charge of the Institutional Review Board

  • To provide independent evaluation of biomedical and behavioral research
  • To protect human subjects; to ensure their safety and that their participation is fully consensual 
  • To evaluate the potential of investigators' biases
  • To ensure the research methodology complies with regulations and laws related to the protection of human subjects

Grady C. (2015). Institutional Review Boards: Purpose and Challenges. Chest148(5), 1148–1155.

About the IRB

The IRB is committed to serving our campus research community, including KCOM, MOSDOH, CGHS, NMRC, and other appropriately engaged entities. 

The IRB's role: 

  • Provide relevant guidelines and information, accessible forms and simple to use document templates.  
  • Demystify the regulatory processes, ensure that complete and understandable information is always provided to your research participants/partners
  • Evaluate and oversee studies to ensure risks to participants are minimized and acceptable in consideration of the benefits, and advise and consult on research ethical conduct issues.

IRB Board Members:

Name Email Phone number Department
Deborah Clay 660-626-2860 Sponsored Programs
Matt Eichor    
Marie Evans    
Timothy Geisbuhler 660-626-2315 Physiology
David Goldman 660-626-2235 Neurobehavioral Sciences
John Grider    
Jane Johnson 660-626-2331

Still Research Institute

Nancy Rourke    
Dr. Karen Snider 660-626-2304 Medical Education
Melissa Stuart 660-626-2474 Microbiology
Dr. Robert Theobald 660-626-2316 Pharmacology