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Library Training Modules

Library instruction series to improve evidence-based practice and research skills among students, faculty and staff of ATSU

Module Description

I. Literature reviews range from Narrative to Systematic. The term "Literature Review" is an umbrella term which covers this range. This training module will help you learn to determine which type of review best fits your clinical or research question.

II. Citation managers - also called reference managers or bibliographic management software - are programs that store and format scholarly references and citations. They are useful for keeping track of important articles or other works, for formatting citations and building bibliographies, using a wide variety of citation styles including APA and AMA, and for sharing research between a group of users. This module will review the various types of citation managers and provide a demonstration of how to use Zotero.

III. Publishing your research can be exhilarating and daunting. This module will review:

  • Questions to consider when analyzing journals
  • How to identify predatory journals
  • How to evaluate a journal for submission
  • Open Access resources

No prior research experience is required to attend. It is recommended that participants attend modules in the order listed to build their skills incrementally. 

Participants are encouraged to bring questions related to assignments and research projects. 

Please take a moment to review the Module Prep Activities provided prior to the Module Training. 

If you require any access accommodations or would prefer to meet 1:1 with a librarian:

Module Objectives

Participants in the Types of Reviews, Citation Managers & Where to Publish training module will: 

  1. Distinguish between types of literature reviews.

  2. Identify the services and resources that citation managers can provide. 

  3. Identify the library resources to evaluate a journal for publication submission

Module Prep Activities

Prep activities are not a requirement to attend the module. Please review the prep activities prior to attending the module to familiarize yourself with the content and bring any questions you may have about the content to the module. Aspects of the prep activities will be reviewed within the module.