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Library Training Modules

Library instruction series to improve evidence-based practice and research skills among students, faculty and staff of ATSU

Module Description

The PubMed & MeSH self-paced, asynchronous module will introduce the concepts of research within the Evidence-Based framework. This tutorial will include: how to translate a clinical/research question into an advanced search strategy in the PubMed database. This tutorial will also introduce PubMed, a database of biomedical literature, and MeSH, the controlled vocabulary used for indexing articles for PubMed. PubMed advanced search strategies with MeSH and PICO terms will also be demonstrated. 

Goal: Participant will demonstrate a basic understanding of how to search for evidence within the PubMed database. 

No prior research experience is required to attend. It is recommended that participants complete the modules in the order listed to build their skills incrementally. 

Additional Resources: PubMed Support Libguide

Module Objectives

Participants in the PubMed & MeSH: Search for Evidence Module will:

Demonstrate an introductory understanding of the use of MeSH to search for evidence within the PubMed database through a practice search.

PubMed and MeSH Tutorial

PubMed and Mesh tutorial link. click image to enter tutorial