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Trial Results : SAGE Research Methods

TRIAL RESULTS :  We're Getting It.

NEW RESOURCE : SAGE Research Methods


Sage ResearchMethods

What is it? 

Last fall, the Library trailed the resource SAGE Research Methods. Thank you for your participation! Your feedback helped us decide to get the two main components of this resource. You will be able to use it by accessing it directly through the above link, and by searching Still OneSearch or the Library Catalog - its content will be included in each of these.

From the source : 

"SAGE Research Methods contains information suited to all levels of researchers, from undergrads starting their first projects to the most senior faculty. Content includes dictionary and encyclopedia entries, book chapters, full books, journal articles, and the complete Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences (Little Green Books) and Qualitative Research Methods series (Little Blue Books)."

The Library is subscribing to these modules: The core collection of research methods books, articles and other readings, and streaming video from the SAGE Research Methods Video main collection. You may see some other content mentioned that we do not currently have access to within the resource. 

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