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Index to all of the College of Graduate Health Sciences toolkit program guides

COVID-19 Information & News

The ATSM Library recommends that you consult these sources for accurate current information about COVID-19.

Clinical News & Guidelines Sources focused on COVID-19

Citation & Writing Support Resources

Writing Support & Resources

ATSU Writing Center offers much support and many reference documents about writing and citation.

Purdue OWL Research & Citation Resources offers guidance for research, citation, and writing for both APA and AMA styles.

APA Style Blog offers brief articles about specific citation situations for APA style.

AMA Manual of Style is the complete style guide for AMA style.

Find DOIs

DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) are permanent, unique registered identifiers that are required for APA citation of online articles.

Use CrossRef to find DOIs for your citations.

See the Library Online Research FAQ for detailed information about DOIs, citing using DOIs, and finding them.

Citation Managers

A citation manager, also called a reference or bibliographic management system, is a utility that will allow you to store all of your citations in one personal account and will generate a formatted citation list. ATSU supports several free, portable options.

ATSM Library Citation Manager Guide

Zotero Mendeley EndNote Basic