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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 3, 2013: Affordable
Care Act

How do the insurance changes impact us as individuals and as professionals?

Starting on October 1st, the Affordable Health Care Act became available for everyone in the United States.  After thinking about the best approach, our Newsletter is highlighting the changes on countrywide basis rather than focusing on specific states such as Arizona and Missouri.

A good overview of the entire Affordable Care Act is available through this website created and managed by the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Public Library (The ABC Library).  Carrie Williams, who handles all the Digital Information for The ABC Library, gave us permission to provide this link to you.  Click here to get more information about changes coming across the nation and also to the state of New Mexico.

If you have specific questions about how this will impact your ATSU Health Insurance Coverage, contacting Human Resources is your best option.  The people to contact with questions are Trina Goodenow ( or x2179) on the Missouri Campus and Tonya Fitch (x6007 or on the Arizona Campus. 

Becoming familiar with the changes and the impact they have upon us will take time, but Tonya, Trina, and the ABC Library website should help with transition process.