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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 3, 2013: Library

Dr. Barry Robbins

When encountering a problem using PubMed or other databases, Dr. Robbins contacts the library and asks staff members to walk him through the situation.  If for some reason it does not make sense, he calls back and asks for additional information until it makes sense to him.  This persistance and dedication to becoming facile with tools available in PubMed earns him the Library Superstar Nomination for this quarter.  

Keep exploring and asking questions, Dr. Robbins!  

Dr. Joan Leafman

Joan Leafman is a "giant admirer" of libraries and she uses the ATSU online library every chance she can get!  She is constantly doing research and writing.  One of Dr. Leafman's latest articles looked at "social presence" within Blackboard.  We appreciate that she promotes the library to DHSc students.  She knows that when you really need answers, the library can help.

Dr. Leafman started teaching in the Doctor of Health Sciences (DHSc) Program in 2010, not long after she made the brilliant move from Chicago to Arizona.  She is President Elect for the ASHS Faculty Senate.  We can't wait to see what she says next.

Dr. Rupal Vora

Rupal Vora has been an active user of the ATSU library in her new position as the Coordinator, Osteopathic Medical Student Professional Development for the School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona (SOMA).  She recently discovered improvements in Exam Master, a useful tool for students studying for USMLE and COMLEX exams, with specific selections for disciplines.  Dr. Vora was so impressed she prepared some highlights, with instructions for access, and e-mailed them to the SOMA students and faculty. 

We're not surprised that she was selected as the "Educator of the Year" in 2010 by the American College of Physicians (ACP), Arizona Chapter.  Maybe her next new title will include "librarian?"

Dr. Yingzi Chang

The iPad initiative of 2012 challenged students and faculty to rethink handouts and instruction.  Using iBooks Author in the Creation Station (Missouri ETDC), Dr. Chang not only makes Pharmacology lectures easier to understand for students, but she also pushes herself to learn new techniques and tricks with software programs.  This dedication to explaining difficulty concepts to students, which might require re-thinking handouts and teaching techniques, earns Dr. Yingzi Chang of Pharmacology the Library Superstar nomination for this quarter.

Thanks for keeping us all on our toes, Dr. Chang, as we work with you to discover the nuances of iBooks Author!

Dr. Jeffrey L. Alexander

Jeff Alexander started teaching at ATSU in 2006 with the Human Movement Program, one of the distance programs in the Arizona School of Health Sciences (ASHS).  Early on, he worked with Cynthia, the Distance Support Librarian.  Cynthia created one of her first video tutorials for his Human Movement class.  Dr. Alexander moved to the Doctor of Health Sciences Program (a different ASHS distance program) in 2009, where he continues to work with Cynthia.  She loves his conscientious questions on copyright issues.  After he's finished with his teaching responsibilities and the DHSc students, he helps take care of his seven children.  Amazingly, he also finds time to work with the Arizona Fall Prevention Coalition.  In 2012 he was named ASHS Scholar of the Year.

Thank you Dr. Alexander.  You are a Copyright and Library Superstar!