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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 3, 2013: From The
University Librarian

From the University Librarian

Watch in the next two months for the launch of the Library’s new search tool - Still OneSearch.  For a number of years, as the number and scope of the Library’s digital resources have grown, students and faculty have been asking for a search option to search these resources in a single search.  Still OneSearch is the Library’s new platform which will enable you to search most of our resources in a single search.  In addition to the Still OneSearch which searches the Library’s e-books, journals and major databases, we will also have a Clinical Search for point-of-care clinical questions.  The Clinical Search will search UptoDate, FirstConsult, and ACP PIER in a single search.  Below is an image of our new search box that is under development.  We are aiming for a mid-November launch so look for it!  Meanwhile, if you are interested in trying it in its current ‘beta’ version, contact the Library.



Also check out the New Resources, Books, Journals, videos, etc section of this newsletter as we have added significant new online resources since the last newsletter, including Micromedix, one of the leading prescription drug online resources and over 140,000 new E-books.

Finally, I recommend that you check out our News and Articles from Library Resources Newsletter Section.  The content is updated via RSS feeds so you might want to check it every couple of weeks.  It contains links to podcasts, news, and clinically significant research articles from many of our vendors including:  

AccessMedicine Update

Access Medicine Podcasts

Current News from Natural Standard

New and Updated Cochrane Reviews

PodcastsPodcasts from the Cochrane Library

Practice Changing Updates from UptoDate

Rehabilitation Reference Center Health News and New Clinical Reviews

 New England Journal of Medicine


Mike Kronenfeld – University Librarian -