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Grants & You Fall 2020: Internal Grants Funded - Congratulations!


Internal Grants Funded June 10, 2020 – September 15, 2020

Warner-Fermaturo Fund

Elton Bordenave, PhD, MEdLori Reynolds, PhD, OTR/L, and Brandi Buchanan, PTD, OTR/L, ASHS Audiology, “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Addressing the Unmet Needs of Caregivers of Older Adults,” $5,828.

Justin Disanti, PhD, ASHS Interdisciplinary Health Sciences; and Alison Valier, PhD, AT, FNATA, and Tamara Valovich McLeod, PhD, ATC, FNATA, ASHS Athletic Training Program, “A Context-Based Examination of Youth Sport Families’ Perceptions of Early Sport Specialization,” $9,980.

Keith Elmslie, PhD, and JeongSook Kim-Han, KCOM Pharmacology, “Identification from Cone Snail Venom of Selective Modulators of Voltage-dependent Calcium (CaV) Channels 1.2 and 1.3,” $10,000.

Timothy P. Geisbuhler, PhD, KCOM Physiology, “Protection of Cardiac Myocytes from Anoxic Damage by Epicatechin and its Polymers,” $10,000.

B. Henry Han, PhD, KCOM Pharmacology, “Effects of Amentoflavone on Amyloid ß Pathogenesis in the Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease,” $10,000.

Carlos Jurado, DDS, and Tamer El-Gendy, DMD, BDS, ASDOH, “Color Stability of Novel Lithium Disilicate CAD/CAM Ceramics after Additional Sintering Processes,” $9,847.

Alicia Lacy, PhD, ATCCailee Welch-Bacon, PhD, ATC, and Kenneth Lam, ScD, ATC, ASHS Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, “The Effectiveness of Educational Interventions on Improving Knowledge and Practice Patterns Among Clinicians,” $3,209.

David Middlemas, PhD, KCOM Pharmacology, “Is Ketamine a Rapid Acting Antidepressant in Juvenile Rats?,” $10,000.

Yohei Norimatsu, PhD, KCOM Physiology, “Investigation into the Ability of a Computationally Designed Decoy Receptor to Block the Binding Between SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein and Human Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2,” $10,000.

Vineet Singh, PhD, KCOM, Microbiology/Immunology, “Source of Branched Chain Fatty Acids in Staphylococcal Membrane and its Significance,” $10,000.

Michelle Weber Rawlins, PhD, ATC, ASHS Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, and Tamara Valovich McLeod, ATC, PhD, NATA, ASHS Athletic Training Program, “An Examination into Athletic Trainer and Dietitian’s Nutrition Practices for Concussion Patients,” $3,850.

Bruce Young, PhD, KCOM Anatomy, “The Influence of Body Cavity Pressure on Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Pressure in the American Alligator (Alligator mississippiensis),” $9,700.

Strategic Research Fund

Karen Snider, DO, KCOM Medical Education; Jonathon Kirsch, DO, and Barbara Senger, fellow, KCOM OMM; and Shalini Bhatia, MS, ATSU Research Support, “Impact of Osteopathic Manipulative Techniques on the Management of Dizziness Caused by Neuro-Otologic Disorders: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis,” $8,696.

Student Research Fund

Austin Williams, D2, and Ann Spolarich, RDH, PhD, FSCDH, ASDOH, “Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics Consumer Survey,” $1,000.

Jake Wood, D2, Christopher Wennerholm, D2, and Joseph Creech, DDS, ASDOH, “Emergency Preparedness in the Dental Office Survey: Report on the Use of the Ten Minutes Saves a Life! App,” $1,000.

KCOM Biomedical Sciences Proposals Funded

Haleema Ahmad and James Cox, PhD, KCOM Biochemistry, “Effect of Shikonin on Melanoma B16 Cells,” $6,000.

Loriann Clark and William L. Sexton, PhD, KCOM Physiology, “Impact of Oral Nitrate Consumption on Skeletal Muscle Function in Rats,” $6,000.

Sarena Fernandez and Tim Ostrowski, PhD, KCOM Physiology, “nTS Neurophysiology and the Role of ROS in the STZ-AD Rat Model,” $6,000.

Lucas Handlin and Yohei Norimatsu, PhD, KCOM Physiology, “Effects of Mitragynine on the Mu‑opioid Receptor in a Xenopus Oocyte System,” $6,000.

Taurin Hughes and Zulfiqar Ahmad, PhD, KCOM Biochemistry, “Dietary Ginger Phenolics Inhibitory Effect on E. coli ATP Synthase,” $6,000.

Marlayna Probst and Peter Kondrashov, PhD, KCOM Anatomy, “Effect of Estrogen Replacement Therapy on Cartilage Damage in Ovariectomized Rats,” $6,000.

Jordyn Sparks and Neal Chamberlain, PhD, KCOM Anatomy, “Characterization of Persistence Inducing Factor in Staphylococcus aureus USA300,” $6,000.

Kotryna Staputyte and Robert Baer, PhD, KCOM Physiology, “Effect of Macrophage Polarization on Melanoma Heterospheroid Viability,” $6,000.

Yusuf Zahriya and Yingzi Chang, MD, PhD, KCOM Pharmacology, “Role of Beta 3‑Adrenergic Receptors in Endothelial Cells,” $6,000.