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Instructional Feedback

What is it?

Feedback is a critical multi-dimensional component of the teaching and learning process. Instructional feedback occurs from the instructor(s) to the students, from students to the instructor(s), and amongst students in the form of peer-feedback. It is important to consider how you will incorporate all three forms of feedback into your teaching context throughout the course, not just at the end. 

When delivered effectively, feedback can:

  • Correct misunderstandings and/or confirms understandings in advance of a summative evaluation

  • Improve clinical practice → better patient outcomes

  • Help students focus on effort not grade → fosters growth mindset 

  • Contributes to a positive, “brave”, learning environment 


Data suggest that feedback should have these 7 characteristics:

  • Timely
  • Actionable 
  • Descriptive
  • Explicitly Labeled
  • Nonjudgemental
  • Related to Known Goals
  • Constructive


Examples and Implementation

From Instructor From Student(s)
To Instructor

To Student(s)