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Postprofessional Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Library Guide: eBooks


The ATSU library has provided free access to these ebooks for the course textbooks below. Purchasing textbook rights is expensive so we are not able to provide free ebooks for all courses. Please know this is a benefit our library has been able to provide and we are grateful they do this so we can pass along these textbook savings on to you. 

Please be aware that some of the ebooks are only organized in chapters and do not include page numbers.  For your convenience, we have included the ebook reference in proper APA style. 

Unlimited access eBooks

Richmond, T., & Powers, D. (2009). Business Fundamentals for the Rehabilitation Professional, Second Edition (Vol. Second edition). Thorofare, New Jersey: SLACK Incorporated

Dutton, M. (2020). Dutton’s orthopaedic examination, evaluation, and intervention. [electronic resource]. McGraw Hill Education.

Portney, L. G. (2020). Foundations of clinical research : applications to evidence-based practice (Fourth edition.). F.A. Davis Company.

McKinnis, L. N. (2021). Fundamentals of musculoskeletal imaging. F.A. Davis Company.

Avers, D., Wong, R. A., & Guccione, A. A. (2012). Geriatric physical therapy. [electronic resource]. Elsevier/Mosby.

Page, C. G. (2015). Management in physical therapy practices. [electronic resource] (2nd ed.). F.A. Davis Company.

Effgen, S. K. (2021). Meeting the physical therapy needs of children (3rd ed.). F.A. Davis Co.

Burke-Doe, A., & Dutton, M. (2019). National physical therapy examination and board review. McGraw-Hill Education.

Ciccone, C. D. (2022). Pharmacology in rehabilitation. [electronic resource]. F.A. Davis Company.

Fulk, G. D., Schmitz, T. J., & O’Sullivan, S. B. (2019). Physical rehabilitation (Seventh edition.). F.A. Davis Company.

Swisher, L. L., & Page, C. G. (2005). Professionalism in physical therapy. history, practice & development. [electronic resource] : Elsevier Saunders.

Hamm, R. (2019). Text and atlas of wound diagnosis and treatment. [electronic resource]. McGraw-Hill.

Limited Access ebooks

Goodman, C. C., & Snyder, T. K. (2013). Differential Diagnosis for Physical Therapists- E-Book (Vol. 5th ed). London: Saunders.

Jewell, D. V. (2018). Guide to evidence-based physical therapist practice. [electronic resource]. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Mostrom, E., & Jensen, G. M. (2013). Handbook of teaching and learning for physical therapists. [electronic resource]. Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann.

Kristina M. Young, & Philip J. Kroth. (2018). Sultz & Young’s Health Care USA: Understanding Its Organization and Delivery: Vol. Ninth edition. Jones & Bartlett Learning.