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Clinical Faculty & Preceptors Support Services

Library resources available to ATSU clinical faculty and preceptors

Portal Access

COVID-19 Information & News

The ATSM Library recommends that you consult these sources for accurate current information about COVID-19.

Clinical News & Guidelines Sources focused on COVID-19
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Online Resources & Databases

ATSU believes that clinicians' access and use of the best available evidence is a core component of the quality of care that a clinician can deliver. This Clinical Faculty Library portal is intended to provide ATSU clinical faculty with as many of the resources that are available to students as can be offered in keeping with the library's vendor contracts. Clinical Faculty are expected to use these resources within the educational and learning context and activities.

Use the ATSU Clinical Faculty Portal to gain access to : 

  • DynaMed Plus
  • Access Medicine
  • Access Physiotherapy
  • ClinicalKey  
  • Lexicomp Dental
  • PsychiatryOnline (includes the DSM5)
  • CINAHL (Allied health and nursing index)
  • Stat!Ref
  • e-Book & Streaming Media Resources
  • Etc.

Interlibrary Loan

The Library provides access to an assortment of skilled research support for Clinical Faculty and Preceptors, including interlibrary loan services:

  • Free & low-cost Interlibrary Loan

Librarian Research Support

Clinical Faculty are welcome to consult with a staff of Librarians for assistance with research support  and clinical information searches.

Contact the Library for assistance using library and other resources or to request a targeted literature search.

Missouri Branch Library (includes CGHS) Arizona Branch Library (includes ASHS)
Phone: 660.626.2345
Phone: 480.219.6090