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Academic Publishing 101

This guide will guide you through the process of publishing an article in an academic journal.

About This Guide

Welcome! This guide introduces you to the key information you will need to publish your work in an academic journal. This includes

  • understanding the peer review process 
  • tips on how to choose a journal to submit your work to
  • understanding publication metrics
  • avoiding predatory publishers
  • the basics of copyright law for authors
  • how to negotiate with publishers when signing a publication agreement
  • open access publishing and how to publish your work open access

Through this guide, look towards the left-hand side of the screen for more information about how the library can help you navigate the publishing process, and to find links to additional guides for more information.

The publication lifecycle: creation, evaluation, publication, dissemination, preservation, and reuse


Library Services

The ATSU library provides a number of services that can help you get your work published and navigate the publishing system. These include

  • evaluating the quality of a journal
  • giving recommendations for journals to publish in
  • evaluating the research impact of a journal
  • giving guidance on copyright issues
  • helping you understand publication agreements
  • helping you understand open access and publish your work in open access venues
  • and more!

For help with any of the above, reach out to your liaison librarian, listed below.

Liaison Librarians

Julia Peters, KCOM Liaison Librarian


Julia Peters

660 626 2336