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Central Coast Physician Assistant


Welcome to the ATSM Library Page for the Central Coast Physician Assistant Program! On this page, you will find resources specifically designed for CCPA students as well as general library resources you may find useful.

Some of these resources include:

  • Required and recommended textbooks available in the library collection 
  • Physician Assistant journals
  • Recommended databases for finding PA-specific articles and case studies
  • Exam prep resources included case studies, PANCE prep questions, and more
  • Mobile apps for clinical practice
  • Links to other LibGuides relevant to your PA education

Liaison Librarian

Your Liaison Librarian

The Physician Assistant program has a dedicated liaison librarian who can help you navigate and access online library resources, assist with the research lifecycle, and answer any other questions you may have. He can be reached at

Library liaison services include:

  • Developing literature search strategies
  • Database and resource suggestions
  • Assistance with literature and systematic reviews
  • Help with evidence-based practice research
  • Troubleshooting online resource access issues
  • Citation management
  • Journal review and identification
  • Copyright guidance
  • Research data management
  • Help with any part of the research process

CCPA Librarian

Harold Bright, MERLS  

Harold Bright, MA

CCPA Liaison Librarian

(t) 480.219.6036


CCPA Librarian


Dot Winslow, MA

CCPA Library Assistant

(t) 805.621.7687