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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 2, 2013: Library

Neil Sargentini

Dr. Neal Sargentini is the Chair of the Microbiology Department at the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.  Also, he is a valuable member of the ATSU Library Users group and attends every single meeting, unless his other duties prevent him from doing so.  Dr. Sargentini kindly provided ideas and feedback on starting a process for gathering citations for current Authors at ATSU.  He also commented on how many articles in recent months he has found in PubMed due to changes made by the library staff.

Way to go, Dr. Sargentini!

Emily Schulz

Dr. Emily Schulz is an Occupational Therapist on the Arizona Campus.  Dr. Schulz serves on the Library User group committee and provides valuable feedback on resources for her department and school.  In our last meeting, Dr. Schulz mentioned Doodle as a way of scheduling meetings.  Doodle provides a free survey and it is quite a useful tool for scheduling events.

Thank you, Dr. Schulz!  We appreciate your ideas and perspective on the Library User Group committee.

Milton Pong

Dr. Milton Pong is a SOMA faculty member and serves as a member of the Library User group.  He enjoys trying out new tools and apps and he inspires us to consider new ways to make library resources more widely accessible to the entire university. 

Thank you, Dr. Pong, and keep those ideas coming!

Neil Chamberlain

Dr. Neal Chamberlain, who did his graduate work at Ohio State University, continues to be instrumental in getting faculty to use the iBooks Author program.  This program, which is only available on Apple Computers, allows you to create interactive books or handouts for your students. It can be accessed on the Missouri Campus in the Library at Creation Station (ETDC). 

Last Fall, Dr. Chamberlain revamped his former PDF handouts into iBooks Author programs.  These handouts contain videos, quizzes, and figures all within the same document.  It does take a bit of time and the program is not perfect, but Dr. Chamberlain finds his students get more out of the handouts this way.

Way to go, Dr. Chamberlain!