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How to use BrowZine Mobile and your Personal BookShelf

Why would you use BrowZine?

  • To keep up with newest articles from favorite journals
  • To save new articles for later reading on or offline
  • To find specific articles with known citations
  • To browse through articles in journals for new subjects to learn

Why should you NOT use BrowZine? What isn’t it? 

  • BrowZine is not designed for in-depth research or searching.
  • For initial research, we recommend OneSearch, PubMed, or the many databases and indexes that the Library subscribes to. If you have questions about the best source for your research needs, please contact the Library in MO or AZ.

How do I get the BrowZine App? What devices are supported?

  • BrowZine's App is available for free from the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and on the Web.
  • Make sure to choose “A.T. Still University - Arizona” or “A.T. Still University - Missouri” from the list of libraries so you have access to the journals we subscribe to.

Will it work off campus?

Will BrowZine work without an internet connection?

  • No, not for accessing new content. 
  • Articles can be downloaded while connected to be read later offline.
    • They can be found after downloading in the Saved Articles area.
  • They can also be emailed or exported to a variety of other types of readers if installed (iAnnotate, Kindle App, iBooks, etc.) for later reading offline while using an active internet connection.

How do you sync My Bookshelf across devices?

  • This will now happen automatically so long as you are logged in to both!

Why can't I get this new article in full-text? How do I get it?

  • Some of the included journals have embargoes, meaning that the newest articles are delayed.
  • Most other older content in any included journal is full-text. 
  • You may request any article, including embargoed articles, through our interlibrary loan form at no charge.

A journal on My Bookshelf is grayed out, and won’t open. How do I fix it?

  • Hold your finger down on the journal until it begins to move.
  • Click the X in the corner, then find the journal via the subject browse or title search, and add it again.
  • Alternately, try closing the app on your phone by clicking your home button twice, swiping your browzine window up (thus closing it) and reopening it with a tap on its icon.

Why aren’t certain journals included?

  • BrowZine is continually adding new publishers but is not yet complete. To be notified about new additions, check their website or sign up for their newsletter.
    • Some publishers currently included are AIP, Brill, Cambridge, Elsevier, IEEE, Nature, Oxford, Sage and Taylor and Francis. Access to titles that the A.T. Still Memorial Library subscribes to should continue to grow, but please contact or to suggest titles, and we will pass the suggestion along to BrowZine.
  • For immediate access to journals subscribed by the Library that are not included in the main part of BrowZine, search it using the link in its top right corner search; it includes many more full-text journals.

Does it include older, back, or archival content?

  • Yes it does!
  • While BrowZine is a tool to access current journal content, it does include access to all earlier accessible content. It is possible to browse by year and issue to find known articles in the older collection.

Are preprint or prepublication articles included?

  • Yes, you can read preprints!
  • If a preprint article is available on the journal website, and it is a journal that the Library subscribes directly rather than through an aggregator, it will be available through BrowZine. These are labeled as such within the utility.

Can I read all the article in the latest issue of my favorite journal as soon as they are published?

  • Yes, if the Library subscribes!
  • Articles in journal titles for which the library has a current subscription and whose publisher is supported by BrowZine can be accessed as soon as they’re published digitally and assigned a DOI. 

NOTE: Some journals we subscribe through third party sources don't allow readers to see the most current articles. This is called an embargoed issue. The time period varies from 6 months to 5 years from the current date, with 1 year being the most common. The table of contents of an embargoed issue (full text not available) is available in BrowZine and is indicated with a large orange bar stating that New Full Text unavailable for x months. You may request to access any article through our ILL form at no charge.  We may also have older content available for a journal that we no longer subscribe to - these will state that there are no articles available after whichever year we last subscribed.

Will links to other articles from the bibliographies or footnotes work?

  • Links in articles should work, if we have a subscription to the journal being linked to. If you get an error message, please email us at or

Can articles be printed?

  • Yes, but not directly.
  • BrowZine doesn’t offer a printing function, but articles can be exported to open in other apps that do allow printing, like Dropbox or iBooks.
  • Use the icon in the upper right hand corner (three little squares in Android, a rectangle with an arrow in iOS) to open an article in a different app. The apps that are available there will depend on which you have installed on your tablet.

Can I store or save articles within BrowZine and access them from my device or the web?

  • Yes! You can save articles to My Articles
    • You must be logged in to your personal BrowZine account
  • My Articles will sync across your devices when the journals sync

Can I export articles to a citation manager like Zotero, Endnote, or Mendeley?

  • Yes! BrowZine makes it simple to export articles and citations to a number of citation managers.
  • If your preferred manager is not included, you can also articles to Box or Dropbox, or email them to yourself, and import from there.
  • For help setting up Mendeley auto-import from a Dropbox or Box folder, email us at or

What is an Embargo?

  • An embargo is a period of time before the newest journal content becomes available.
  • This typically occurs when the journal is not subscribed but is instead being access freely or as part of a subscription research database. 
  • The time period varies from 6 months to 5 years from the current date, with 1 year being the most common.
  • The table of contents of an embargoed issue (full text not available) is available in BrowZine and is indicated with a message indicating no full text is available.
  • You may request any article, including embargoed articles, through our interlibrary loan form at no charge.

How can I get help or find more information?

  • Contact the library by email, for help getting or using BrowZine.
  • BrowZine's publisher, Third Iron, also has an extensive support section on their website.