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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 10, 2016: ETDC

New Blackboard Support Service
Coming Soon!

The ETDC will soon be instituting a new face-to-face Blackboard Help service on both campuses. This service will be for basic "how-do-I...?" type questions that come up when faculty are creating their content for their Blackboard classes, or problems they run into while managing classes. This service will act as a supplement to the more technical system-related and "behind-the-scenes" help provided by Brent Rasmussen and Jeremy Andrews of Academic Technologies.

In AZ, contact Kirsty Gaither (, or x6259). In MO, Bill Coombs (, x2645) is available to help you.

ETDC Collaborates with AZ Anatomy

The ETDC has been working with Dr. Lesley Gilmer, the Director of Anatomy Lab Safety and Compliance on the Arizona campus, to create an online training module to accompany this year's anatomy lab guidelines and safety manual. We have been working to create a self-directed training, complete with recall quiz questions, interactive timelines and a panoramic overview of the laboratory itself. The idea is to send this training module to the students during their orientation so that they are already familiar with the laboratory rules and layout before they come to their first class.

Below you will find an image of our panoramic lab view, with inserts that show how the clickable information points can be used to convey important information.