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College of Graduate Health Studies: Health Education

A.T. Still University - College of Graduate Health Studies

From the Program Chair

From the Chair

Health education improves the health of people. It enhances the quality of life of individuals, groups, and communities by influencing knowledge, skills, and behavior. Health educators are trained to use a special set of tools to ultimately improve people’s health status, and ATSU helps future health educators
develop this set of tools.

Health educators work in schools, universities, government, industry, healthcare settings, and other community organizations. They might be responsible for a multitude of tasks from program development to coalition building to social marketing. Whatever your preferred setting or responsibility, ATSU’s graduate health education program prepares you to be a professional health educator who can help to improve the health status and quality of life of people.

Erin Breitenbach, PhD
Program Chair
Doctor of Health Education (DHEd)

Health Education Team

Erin Breitenbach, PhD, Program Chair
Presley Melvin, BS, Academic Advisor and Dissertation Support
Maud Mundava, MLS, MBA
CGHS Library Liaison

About the Program

CGHS’s DHEd program complements the University’s mission of encouraging its constituencies to become leaders in improving community health and wellness with a comprehensive appreciation of the whole individual while helping to create the best health educators in the world. This program is one of few online doctorate degrees in health education and challenges students to examine the current state of health education and their individual roles and responsibilities within it. This program integrates directed readings and webbased instruction and discussions. CGHS uses mission-driven, context-based curriculum design and assesses student learning through authentic embedded assessments.

Student Service/Accomplishments

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