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Library Streaming Media Resources

Streaming video and audio resources supported by the Library

media button image   The A.T. Still Memorial Library offers a large online collection of educational videos. Some are short and cover a single procedure; some are longer and provide a wider perspective on their topic; and many are subdivided into distinct clips. All may be incorporated into a Blackboard course, either by embedding the video directly into the course, or by linking to the video.

Searching all ATSU Videos

The simplest ways to search for streaming media content is either via Still OneSearch or by going directly to the hosting platform.

Image of Video Results in EDS

Search for a Specific Video in Still OneSearch



  • Search for the desired topic or video title
  • Limit your results by checking video in the box on the left of your search results to narrow results to video formats
  • Browse Collections and Platforms Listed at Left

Embedding Videos in Blackboard

Films on Demand is only one of our video databases that allows us to embed a video. This text tutorial (pdf) and video below each show how to embed one of the videos into a Blackboard course.

Click on the link below for a pdf version that walks you through the steps necessary to embed a Films on Demand video into a Blackboard course.


  • Click on the triangle to start the video. You can expand the video to full screen by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner, to the right of "YouTube." When you want to exit from full screen, press "Escape" on your keyboard.

Linking Videos in Blackboard

To insert a link to one of the library's videos into your Blackboard course, a little doctoring of the link will need to be done. Remember, this applies to the videos, including those that are from Films on Demand that you want to link to rather than embedding.

To create your Blackboard link, you will need to paste in the string before the URL that you copy from the page where the video is.


  • The following is the URL for a video on Corticobasal Degeneration copied from the address bar of the video's page in Access Physiotherapy.


  • In order to link to this video from your Blackboard course, you will need to make the URL look like this, pasting in the string from above at the front of the URL for the video.

This new URL will allow the video to be accessed from Blackboard.


  • After you have altered the link (make sure your new link is a single line of characters with no spaces), you can then insert the new link into your course by going to the Content area of your course and, under Build Content, choose "Link." Enter the information in the window that comes up, click "Submit," and your link will appear in the Content area of your course.
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