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Teaching & Learning Center Resources

Faculty Development

IAMSE Fall Series 2019

 The five-part webinar series will begin with an introduction to current trends in faculty development for educators and scholars including identifying current challenges and opportunities. 


Please Note: To access these videos please use the password iamse2019fall

Faculty Development

From the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to webinars on Academic Leadership, the TLC is invested in improving the professional lives of our faculty in and out of the classroom.

This resource page has been broken into additional sub-categories to provide more in-depth resources to help faculty with their continued pursuit of knowledge, evidence-based best practices, and scholarship. 

Podcasts: Podcasts are a great way to quickly explore topics related to teaching in the health sciences and are great for on-the-go.

VideosThe TLC Learning Channel Playlist contains past seminars as well as additional helpful content related to all areas of faculty development

Journals and Blogs: Use these journals to stay up to date or as a resource when  you are considering publishing your educational research.

General Resources


TLC Learning Channel Playlist

To browse videos, select the playlist button youtube playlistat the top right of the video to see all titles.

External Podcasts

Top 8 External Podcast

Journal and Blog Recommendations

Top 5 Journals and Blogs

Check out the following recommendations for literature related to health professions education. For a complete list check out the Venues for Clinician Educators.



Peterson, D. (2019). 5 Principles for the Teacher of Adults. ThoughtCo.


Turner, T., Palazzi, D. & Ward, M. (2014). The clinician-educator's handbook. Baylor College of Medicine

—please feel free to send us a message if you have feedback or suggestions for resources that should be included.