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Boost Your Nursing Leadership Career by Kenneth White; Dorrie Fontaine 

Publication Date: 2017-03-01

This practical guide introduces nurses to what it takes to succeed at leadership and how to build an impactful, rewarding career. In 50 succinct lessons, Boost Your Nursing Leadership Career outlines the traits, habits, and skills that nurse leaders must master for maximum personal and career success. Drawing on more than eight decades of combined experience in nursing and healthcare, the authors offer an insider's guide to what a nurse needs to cultivate to be a successful leader. 

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Advanced Practice Nursing Leadership: a Global Perspective by Susan Hassmiller (Editor); Joyce Pulcini (Editor) 

Publication Date: 2020-03-28

This book is distinctive in its focus on Advanced Practice Nursing leadership globally. It has a unique structure, first highlighting global APN leadership and then including case studies on leadership from various regions around the world. This beneficial and practical book has a specific emphasis on academic, clinical and policy leadership and is relevant for all readers. Finally, a section on leadership development focuses on coaching and mentoring, business acumen, collaboration and patient advocacy provides an important contribution. 

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Complexity Leadership by Diana M. Crowell; Beth Boynton 

Publication Date: 2020-01-09

Introduces and defines major concepts of complexity science theory and explores how these concepts can be applied to organizational situations in adaptive health care systems. Focuses on the complexity leadership model that these complex systems require, and the abilities needed to be successful. Emphasizes the importance of personal awareness and development of essential leadership skills. Offers self-reflective assessment tools and exercises to foster insights for enhanced learning and practical application. Uses case studies to help you develop and apply leadership skills.

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Essentials of Nursing Leadership and Management by Sally A. Weiss; Ruth M. Tappen; Karen Grimley 

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Publication Date: 2019-04-05

Transition from student to professional with confidence. Stepping out of the classroom and into professional nursing practice can be stressful. This handy guide will build your confidence and prepare you to meet the challenges you'll face as a new staff nurse in today's dynamic health-care environment. You'll explore your future responsibilities as a leader and a manager and the workplace issues and trends that you'll encounter in practice.

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Evidence-Based Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nursing and Healthcare by Tim Raderstorf (Editor); Bernadette Melnyk (Editor) 

Publication Date: 2019-11-28

Authored by world-class innovators and leaders in evidence-based healthcare practice, the book provides proven strategies to incorporate innovative and evidence-based leadership strategies into daily use to build creative, high-functioning, and sustainable organizations. The book differs from traditional academic texts by providing content that is practical, personal, and engaging. It provides a clear path for readers to integrate innovation and leadership principles into their careers and daily practice. 

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The Growth and Development of Nurse Leaders, Second Edition by Angela Barron McBride (Editor) 

Publication Date: 2019-07-28

Written by an acclaimed nurse leader, scholar, and author, this prizewinning book delivers an inspiring first-person narrative to help nurses at all career levels embrace and hone their leadership potential. The second edition expands on the original with updated material and five new chapters that focus on the dynamics of today's healthcare environment. It addresses the complexity of our evolving healthcare system and aligns with new initiatives being championed by key nursing organizations. 

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Leadership by Louise Jones; Clare L. Bennett 

Publication Date: 2019-03-22

Leadershipis an accessible introductory textbook for nursing, health and social care students seeking to develop their leadership skills. Offering practical advice underpinned by theoretical perspectives, the book will help you to understand the principles of effectiveleadership and apply them to your own practice. You will learn: What leadership is and what skills and qualities you need to become an effective leader. 

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Leadership and Systems Improvement for the DNP by Gail E. Armstrong; Sharon Sables-Baus 

Publication Date: 2019-07-01

This unique, practical text will help DNP students develop the leadership skills needed to effectively implement and sustain meaningful change in the healthcare system. Presenting improvement methods within the framework of leadership, the book helps students to understand the practical applications of their education. Beyond orienting students to the work of the DNP, the text helps them to understand the scope of practice and how it is related to larger issues and challenges within healthcare. 

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Nursing Deans on Leading by Joanne Robinson; Carole Kenner; Jana L. Pressler 

Publication Date: 2019-10-28

With an emphasis on acquiring critical knowledge and essential skills, this book describes the parameters of the nursing dean or director role, practical strategies for resolving day-to-day issues, everything from student success to budget and fiscal health, and how to practice self-care while constantly tackling the challenges of these roles. 

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