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DMSC 7005

Library Tutorial

Still OneSearch

Still OneSearch is the library's custom database that searches many of our databases at the same time. If you want a quick and comprehensive search of everything the library has to offer, this is your best best. 

Still OneSearch v. Library Databases

Still OneSearch is great for:

  • doing a quick search
  • getting a comprehensive view of a topic
  • searching different kinds of content at once (including books, articles, videos, etc)

Use individual databases for:

  • focused literature searches
  • clinical questions
  • searching in a specific topic/field
  • searching for a particular type of resources

Basic OneSearch Searches and Features

This video introduces Still OneSearch, the main search database used by the A.T. Still Memorial Library. This video shows how to do a simple keyword search in OneSearch and narrow down your results to peer-reviewed research articles. This video also shows you how to view your search results and goes over some of the features of OneSearch, including how to export your search results to a citation manager.

Advanced Search in Still OneSearch

This video introduces the advanced search filters of Still OneSearch, the search database used by the A.T. Still Memorial Library. In addition, this video covers boolean searching and using search limiters, as they apply to comprehensive literature searching.

ILL in Still OneSearch

Screenshot of a blue "Request this item through interlibrary loan" link below an article result in Still OneSearch

When searching in Still OneSearch, you may encounter articles that the library does not have. Simply click on the Request this item through interlibrary loan link shown above, and a form will auto-populate with the article's information. Just fill out your contact information and send the form, and library staff will get the article for you. ILL requests are typically filled in less than 2 days.

Note: Avoid using the Full Text or Available in Library Collection checkboxes in Still OneSearch, this will exclude many articles that the library can still provide you for free through interlibrary loan.

Reporting Broken Links in Still OneSearch

Screenshot showing a "Report a Broken Link" link underneath an article result in Still OneSearch

When using Still OneSearch, it is possible that you can click on the Full Text link only to encounter an error and not be able to obtain the article. While this is rare, it is always possible as the technology behind the various systems that comprise OneSearch are not flawless. If this happens, click on the Report A Broken Link button and fill out your contact information. This will ensure library staff is able to fix the issue and send you the article you need.