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Grants & You Summer 2021: Grants Submitted - Good Luck!


Grants Submitted March 10, 2021 – June 8, 2021


*Hong Chartrand, DrPH, KCOM AHEC, “State Support for Missouri Area Health Education Centers Network," Year 4, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, $367,387, June 2021 – May 2022.


**Deborah Heath, DO, SOMA Administration, Earla White, PhD, MEd, SOMA Undergraduate Medical Education, and John Olson, PhD, SOMA Anatomy, “Implementing Training Modules to Teach Health Professionals to Accurately Measure Blood Pressure,” American Medical Education, $11,680, June 2021 – June 2022.


*David Doubblestein, PT, OCS, ASHS Physical Therapy, “Reaction and Movement Time in Women with Breast-Cancer Related Lymphedema: A Cross-Sectional Study with Comparison,” Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapy, American Physical Therapy Association, $8,500, July 2021 – July 2022.


*Wayne Cottam, DMD, MS, and Robert Trombly, DDS, JD, ASDOH, “Supporting a Faculty Workforce to Prepare Compassionate Community-minded Oral Health Healers,” Health Resources and Services Administration Bureau of Health Workforce, $1,000,000, September 2021 – August 2026.

**Ann Spolarich, RDH, PhD, ASDOH Administration; and Victoria Green, MEd, RDH, and Kimberly Lovell, MEd, ASDOH Pre-doc Education, “Training Dental Students to Assess Hypertension in Arizonans,” American Medical Association, $20,000, June 2021 – June 2022.


*Herbert Silva, DMD, MOSDOH Clinical Education, “MOSDOH Veterans Project: Improving Oral and Overall Health for Uninsured/Underinsured Veterans,” Episcopal Presbyterian Health Trust, $47,207, June 2021 – May 2022.

*Full proposal development and support provided by the ATSU Sponsored Programs team
**Technical support provided by the ATSU Sponsored Programs/Research Support team(s)