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MSAT Online LibGuide

Student Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ATSU Student Portal, Canvas and ATSU Google email? How do I access them?

The ATSU Student Portal is the Web interface used by ATSU to allow students to view class schedules, check grades, contact the Help Desk, access classes and email, and much more. The Portal is password protected and you must use the username and password assigned to you by IT to access the site.


Canvas is the online course management system in which all online courses are conducted. Classes are available to students in Canvas  by the end of the business day on the Friday before courses start.


ATSU Google email is your official email for ATSU. University departments such as Financial Aid, the Controller’s Office, and the Registrar’s Office will use this email address to communicate all important information. It is vital that students check this email on a regular basis in order to stay informed.


Is there an orientation session available for all students?

Yes, new student orientation should be completed prior to the start of the first block of courses taken in the MSAT program.  The orientation course is a three-week course and will be available online four weeks prior to the start of a student’s first block of courses. If you have questions regarding the orientation course, students can contact Kaylynn Schmitt, Program Manager ( 


What email should students use? Can students use their own email account?

Students must use the ATSU Google email address that is assigned upon being accepted to the program. Students will also utilize the mail system within each of your courses in Canvas  for communication related to a specific course.


How do students log in to my online classes in Canvas ?

Canvas  is available at through your ATSU portal page. Students will need to log in with the username and password assigned by IT.


How do students know what is expected of them in a particular class?

Students will be provided with a course syllabus, assignment calendar, and weekly introductions for each course taken. Course instructors will also keep students up-to-date on additional information throughout the course and are available to answer questions as needed. Questions about course expectations should be directed to the course instructor.


How do students contact their instructor in a course?

Course instructors are available from the first until the last day of the course. Course instructor contact information is available in each Canvas course under Course Information>Instructor Information. The instructor can be reached by phone and email, as well as via other instructor specified technologies (Skype, Tango, etc.).


Do students have access to an online library? 

Yes, online students have access to the A.T. Still Memorial Library at  Thee Distance Support Librarian assigned to the MSAT program, she is a great resource to assist with library related activities, such as article searching. She can be reached at 660-602-2340 or


Is there help to assist with developing writing skills?

The ATSU Online Writing Center (OWC) is available to preview papers and provide feedback for writing style, grammar, and AMA formatting. Please contact the director of the Writing Center for assistance, Ade Anast at (641) 455-8832 or     


When will students have access to courses in Canvas ?

Students will have access to courses for the upcoming block by the end of the day on the Friday prior to the start of the course block.


When will students no longer have access to classes?

Students will have access to courses for 60 days after the course is completed. After the expiration of the 60 days, students will be removed from the course.


How can students check their grades in Canvas?

Grades for courses will be posted by the instructor and available for students to view in the Course Menu bar under “My Grades.”


How do I drop a course? 

You can drop a course at any time but the deadline is by the end of the sixth week of the block. To avoid further fees for the course you must drop the course within the 1st week of class and can not attend the course. Please make sure you contact your course instructor so they are aware of this status change prior to completing the link below. If you have questions about this process contact the Program Director or Program Manager 


Who can students contact if they have technical problems?

For help with Canvas or any other IT questions, students should contact the Help Desk at

1-877-626-2878 ext. 2200 or


Where do students edit their name, email address, and other personal information?

Except for student name, personal information is private and cannot be viewed by others by default. 

  1. Click My Places in the top middle of your screen
  2. Click Personal Information under My Preferences
  3. Select Edit Personal Information
  4. Make any desired changes and click Submit


How are students notified if they have an unread email in a course?

This can be done by adding the “My Messages” module to your “My Institution” page:

  1. Click on the My Institution tab
  2. Click on the blue Add Module button in the top left hand of the screen
  3. Scroll down to My Messages and click on the green Add button
  4. If the button below says Remove, you already have the module on your My Institution page
  5. Click on grey OK button in bottom right hand corner
  6. The My Messages box will now show on the My Institution tab and any emails sent to you through a course will show here.


How do students print discussions from the Discussion Board?

  1. Click on Discussion Boards from Course Menu
  2. Select which Forum you would like to print
  3. Click on Tree View in the upper right hand corner
  4. Check the box in the grey bar at the top of the thread list (this will check all boxes)
  5. Select Expand All
  6. Select the box to the left of the tread of the posts you would like to print
  7. Click on Collect button once in the Forum


How can students copy and paste from Word to the Text Editor Box in Canvas?

  1. This option will work in emails, announcements, and discussion boards in Canvas.
  2. Click on the Add Mashup icon  The Mashup menu will be displayed.
  3. Click on the Paste from Word link. The Paste your Word text here window will be displayed.
  4. If you are using Internet Explorer click on the Paste from Word Icon. (If prompted click on the Allow Access button in the popup window.)
  5. If you are using Firefox or Safari click in the text box and paste the Word text in the window.
  6. Click the Submit button to have the text pasted into the Canvas text editor.

A version of your Word text will now appear in the text window. Check the content to assure that the Word formatting was retained, then click on the Submit button to save the data.


How do the Canvas Rubrics work?

There are several ways the rubric is used. see attached link here


Who do we contact for Enrollment Verifications and NATA letters?

You can contact Enrollment Services for any verification letters you may need for your employers or association memberships.




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