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Grants & You Winter 2020: Grants Submitted - Good Luck!


Grants Submitted September 16, 2020 – December 8, 2020


*Heather Rudy, MA, ATSU Museum of Osteopathic Medicine, “Museum of Osteopathic Medicine Textile Inventory and Rehousing Project,” Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), $49,567, September 2021 – August 2022.


*Yingzi Chang, PhD, KCOM Pharmacology, “β3-adrenergic Receptors in Vascular Injury-induced Neointima Formation,” National Institutes of Health - National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (R15), $374,003, July 2021 – June 2024.


*Romana Muller, MSDH, RDH, MOSDOH Clinical Education, “In Any Language, Improving Oral Health Translates into Better Lives,” Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, $52,394, March 2021 – February 2022.


**Inder Makin, MD, PhD, SOMA Basic Medical Science, “Skin Repair Using Sono-Responsive Biosealants and Intense Focused Ultrasound (ASU Prime, Sub to SOMA),” National Institutes of Health–National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, $125,000, August 2021 – July 2023.

*Stephen Raab, MD, SOMA Clinical Education, “Improving Diagnostic Patient Safety with Artificial Intelligence, Physician Teams, and Simulation,” Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, $2,000,000, July 2021 – June 2026.


*Joseph C. Creech, Jr., DDSJake Wood, D3; and Christopher Wennerholm, D3, ASDOH, “Emergency Preparedness in the Dental Office: Ten Minutes Saves A Life!® App Survey,” Anesthesia Research Foundation, $25,000, January 2021 – March 2022.

*Full proposal development and support provided by the ATSU Sponsored Programs team
**Technical support provided by the ATSU Sponsored Programs/Research Support team(s)