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Athletic Training Library Orientation

This guide is to help new, online Athletic Training students get oriented to the many services the library has to offer them.

Welcome to the Athletic Training Library Orientation

Welcome! In lieu of a typical in-person library orientation, this guide will serve to orient new, online students in the Athletic Training program to the variety of services the library has to offer. This guide includes:

  • Video overviews of the library website and your program toolkit
  • Tutorials on using databases, finding journals, and browsing LibGuides
  • Tutorials on how to use Still OneSearch, the library's all-in-on search feature
  • Advice on search techniques
  • Information about literature reviews
  • Contact information for your liaison librarian
  • Resources to help students in the doctoral program conduct their Applied Research Project


A Brief Introduction to the Library Website

This brief video introduces you to the library website and the library services most relevant to online students. This video covers the library's search features, discovery tools, topic guides, key library services, and library contact info. The library also introduces you to our LibGuides - online library web pages created by librarians, shows you to how to browse them and search for them, and introduces you to some key guides such as our library hubs and program toolkits.

Athletic Training Toolkit Video Overview

This video is a brief overview of the AT Program Toolkit, which is a library guide designed to curate resources that are most helpful for athletic training students. This video covers AT student textbooks, important databases, key journals, and other helpful resources.

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