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Writing for Publication

Resources and information to help researchers and scholars get published

Before You Submit

Submitting an article or paper involves more than simply identifying a journal and sending it in with hope. You must send your submission in in the proper format for a specific journal or conference, with all required information ready, and in the manner that is most likely to get it accepted. 

You must :

  • Comply with all applicable reporting guidelines for funded research when making publication choices
  • Use correct grammar and phrasing in ALL parts of your work and communication
  • Identify and describe all contributors and authors in the correct manner and order
  • Follow the exact citation style required by a journal (many have their own, typically variations of APA or AMA)
  • Locate and comply with all journal or conference posted author guidelines
  • Identify any required author-submitted keywords and MeSH terms
  • Provide your ORCID iD when asked

Find MeSH Terms

MeSH on Demand icon

If you submit an article, you may be asked to submit keywords. Use MeSH terms to find the most widely accepted ones to help your article be the most findable.

Use MeSH on Demand to ask PubMed to find the best machine-generated MeSH terms for your submitted article abstract.

Preparing a Manuscript for Submission : Recommendations from ICMJE