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Build a Professional Digital Identity

What does your online digital presence say about you?

Who are you online?

What does your online digital presence say about you? When your peers are looking you up, do they find your current curriculum vitae and most recent scholarly activities? Or do they find your Facebook history, or Instagram pics of food, or perhaps student comments on Rate My Professors? Making sure you properly curate your digital identity can be key to your professional career. 

Steps to Building Your Identity

  • Search yourself using Google, Bing, and Yahoo. What do you find? What are other people seeing?
    • Note: Google yourself from a public computer WITHOUT LOGGING IN to your email or browser. If you do not do this, Google will show you what your past searches tell it you want to see rather than what others see.
  • Monitor your public identity and keep it active on any current key sites
  • Post and share your accomplishments on key networking sites
  • Create an ORCID iD to connect all of your professional output
  • Join your peers on respected professional sharing networks and forums

Professional Social Media Presence Tools


Share your Curriculum Vitae or Resume icon

Linkdin icon LinkedIn

Mendeley icon Mendeley

ResearchGate icon ResearchGate SciENcv icon SciENcv  

Share your own research, data & ideas

Dryad Dryad figshare logo figshare GoogleScholar Google Scholar
ORCID ORCID ResearchGate icon ResearchGate  SlideShare
Twitter icon Twitter

Share your recommended articles & citations, and view those of others

Mendeley icon Mendeley

Citeulike icon citeulike

Zotero icon Zotero