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Welcome to the home for ATSU digital badging! This page was created to serve as a resource for students and alumni regarding the digital badges awarded by the Athletic Training Programs at A.T. Still University related to our advanced practice curriculum. Here you will find details regarding digital badge features and award criteria. We have also provided recorded tutorials to assist you with promoting your digital badge within your professional network.

What is a Digital Badge?

  • An innovative and portable way of displaying an earned accomplishment or skill. 
  • Used most often to certify functional skills of adult learners that are deemed valuable in the workplace.
  • Each badge is awarded to a learner for a single skill or specialization. 

What is included in a Digital Badge?

  • Digital badges are icons which are embedded with metadata about the skill or competency earned by the learner. 
  • The viewer of the badge is provided with the following information:
    • Recipient's name 
    • Issuing organization
    • A glimpse of the work performed to earn the badge
    • Award date
    • Expiration date, if applicable
    • A certificate of verification assuring the validity of the award 

Advantages of obtaining a Digital Badge

  • Breaks down professional development in smaller milestones of observable achievement
  • Tells a story about the learner's experience, contributions, and skills
  • Portable; can be displayed side-by-side with badges issued from other organizations
  • Easily searchable; connect people with well-suited jobs or projects
  • Present achievements to hiring managers, admission officers, or those looking for individuals with a certain set of skills

Digital Badge Hierachy

The Athletic Training Programs at ATSU offers learners a hierarchy of digital badges.

  • Activity or Skill Badges
    • Earned when a webinar, workshop, or specific within course task has been completed by the learner
  • Course Level Badges
    • Awarded to students and alumni upon successful completion of each course in the Athletic Training Program
  • Micro-credential Badges
    • Individual course badges build onto each other to earn a micro-credential badge
    • Earned when students successfully complete a series of courses, speciality track, or certificate program
    • Available for:
      • Clinical Decision Making Foundation 
      • Orthopaedics Track/Certificate
      • Rehabilitation Track/Certificate 
      • Sports Neurology and Concussion Track/Certificate
      • Leadership/Education Track/Certificate
  • Degree badges 
    • Individual and micro-credential badges will further stack to earn the highest award of a degree badge.

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