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Consumer Health & Patient Resources

This guide provides resources on consumer health, patient handouts, and health insurance


Welcome to the Consumer Health and Patient Resources LibGuide. This LibGuide collects links and other resources related to consumer health and patient education. The resources in this guide can help you communicate with patients and empower patients to be active participants in their own health.

In this guide you will find

  • Links to consumer health websites
  • Resources to find patient education handouts
  • Information on health insurance

Consumer Health & Patient Education

What Are Consumer Health Websites?

Consumer health websites are designed to be used by the general public to help them understand their health and healthcare options. They are typically written in an easy-to-read format designed to be understandable by all people regardless of education level.

What Are Patient Education Materials?

Patient education materials are resources designed to be given to patients in clinical settings with resources and information on specific diseases, treatment, etc. These can help patients understand their conditions, follow treatment plans, and learn more independently.

Most ATSU-subscribed clinical resources and many health professional associations offer downloadable patient education handouts. ATSU affiliates may download those and hand them out, but may typically not repost them online or mass-distribute them via email or any other distribution system.

Top Consumer Health Sources

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