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Case Reports

What is a case report?

Case Report: 

  • Contributes new concepts to medical knowledge
  • Presents novel understanding of a diagnosis, or management of a disease or procedure
  • Presents unique, unusual or previously undocumented medical occurrences

What a case report is NOT

  • Case reports are based upon a single patient, and NOT considered rigorous evidence
  • A case report may lead to future research studies


Topics for a case report

  • Previously unreported observations, unique procedures, complications or diagnoses
  • Unexpected associations between disease, symptoms or treatments
  • New knowledge regarding pathogens or adverse effects
  • Unique features of a disease or therapeutic intervention
  • Novel disease, interventions or procedures
  • Medical challenges in diagnoses or treatments
  • Therapeutic enhancements
  • Diagnosis, intervention or medication failures or adverse effects

Where to start?

1. Always obtain patient consent

2. CARE guidelines

3. Perform a literature search

  • Background information regarding the diagnosis
  • Previous clinical  and research findings

4. Gather all relevant clinical information

5. Review journal publication requirements


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