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Fall 2019 Grants & You: News & Deadlines

Changes/Updates at eRA Commons

As the notice below from eRA Commons indicates, they have recently made some software updates. While ATSU researchers may not notice a difference immediately, this serves as an example of why investigators should plan to submit proposals at least 2 days in advance of external deadlines. This safety window affords Team SP sufficient time to address any unanticipated issues that may arise.

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Check and Double-Check Your Assembled Application Images

eRA recently updated the software our system uses to assemble grant application images in the format used for funding consideration. Aside from a few minor tweaks made at the same time - like using a slightly larger font for our Table of Contents - the update should be transparent. Regardless of how much preparation and testing goes into a project such as this, however, there is always the chance that something was missed. So, we thought it would be a good chance to remind you about the importance of checking your assembled application image.

ASSIST, Workspace, and many system-to-system solutions provide some sort of application preview that can be used to check your assembled application prior to submission. Hopefully you are all taking full advantage of that feature. Previewing your application prior to submission is not a substitute for double-checking your application image in eRA Commons after submission.

Timely identification and notification of issues is critical. It is your responsibility to thoroughly check your assembled application in eRA Commons during the 2-day application viewing window and to notify the eRA Service Desk within that window of any assembly issues. If the eRA Service Desk confirms your assembly concern is the result of a failure with an eRA or other federal system, they will work with you under our guidelines for Dealing with System Issues.

NIH Announces Centralized Email

As part of its effort to streamline processes, NIH will notify applicants of unfunded proposals via a consolidated email sent by the NIH eRA system to the Authorized Organization Representative/Signing Official listed in the grant application and to the Notice of Award email address listed in the applicant’s eRA Commons Institutional Profile File (IPF). The email will be sent ~14 months after the application’s council date.The official notice and a FAQ page can be found here.

NIH Regional Seminar

NIH's Fall 2019 Regional Seminar will be held in Phoenix, AZ, November 6-8. In addition to~45 different sessions and workshop topics to choose from, attendees may also schedule one-on-one meetings with NIH experts to address any questions you may have.
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NIH Funding Opportunities & Notices

Other Funding Opportunities

This Funding Opportunity Announcement invites early-stage physicians and other health professional investigators with a commitment to aging and/or aging-related diseases to apply for this award to advance their research and leadership skills, and the broader field of aging and geriatrics research. Funding is up to $225K in annual direct costs for 5 years. Deadline: October 22, 2019. Please contact Sponsored Programs if you are interested in this opportunity.
The American College of Sports Medicine offers several grants ranging from $1,500-$10,000 to support students and early career researchers. The opportunity opens on October 15, and grants are due on January 17. Please contact Sponsored Programs by Friday, October 4, to request further information or discuss a submission. (Note: opportunities require membership in the ACSM at the time of submission.)
Templeton has a number of interests and funds a wide variety of research projects and organizations focused on encouraging application of science to open-mindedness and advances in the spiritual domain. Templeton will fund a broad spectrum of mechanisms, including conferences, curriculum and program development, publications, fellowships, and research, and favors proposals where the applicant has sought or secured partial funding from another source.
This page lists all open and upcoming opportunities available through the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.