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Check-It-Out @ ATSM Library Issue 11, 2016: New Library

AZ Display

Highlighting ATSU Research in the Library

So what do you do with your display space after you become a fully digital library?  In 2016, the Arizona Branch canceled the subscriptions of all but 6 of its remaining print journals.  This left the question of what to do with the prime space where the journal display shelving was located (photo, top left).  This location is ideal because it is very visible when people enter the Library.  Over the past several years, the University has been working to increase research. The Library’s role includes providing a poster printer to print faculty and student research posters.  Our involvement gives us a good knowledge of the quantity and quality of the posters being produced by our faculty and students.  We decided to use the newly opened space to display posters and highlight this research.  We installed four 42” by 70” acrylic poster displays (middle left).  We highlighted research posters for two reasons. The first is to increase the visibility of research within the University Community.  The second is to highlight our research for visitors, including prospective students, as they are given tours of the campus.  The last question was what to do with the display shelving.  In asking around the University we found a good home for the shelving for storage of anatomical models in one of our anatomic dissection rooms (bottom photo).  The following pictures show the change in the use of the space as well as new use of the shelving.  The change to digitally based collection not only give us the opportunity to better support our faculty and students either on or off campus but it also gives us the opportunity to creatively use the space opened up with the transition.  If you haven’t seen the new display stop by the Library and take a look.


Missouri Library displays


The Missouri Branch Library has moved from print journal titles to almost all online access. We have 10 print journal titles left on our browsing shelves and several free titles. We kept one set of shelves along the south wall, which now house anatomy models and the Osteopathic print collection, and we placed oversize print atlases on shelves next to the first floor Breakout rooms. Our benefit of this journal shelf move is that since anatomy models are more visible, the new students are using them to study in groups for the anatomy class. (see pictures below) We also moved two of our OMM tables next to the display so that students can practice their Osteopathic Manipulation skills.