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3D Printing Services

A 3-D Printing Guide From A.T. Still Memorial Library and ATSU Information Technology Services

COVID-19 Related Printing

Find COVID-19 outbreak related 3D printing information HERE.

Missouri campus completed requests can be picked up in the Commons Area at the library station.

Arizona campus 3D printing is paused until staff return to campus.

How to Request a Model

  1. You must fill out the 3D model printing form with the Library staff experts :
    1. Missouri : Debra Loguda-Summers 
    2. Arizona : Samantha Maley
    3. The form will require
      • Your contact information
      • Your School and program affiliation 
      • Information about your desired model - size, type, file
        • The object can be no larger than 10x10x10 cubic inches.
        • Note: There is only one color available for objects in most cases; however, the plastic can be painted upon using model paints.
        • Note: For some projects, we will require an additional step - consultation with ITS. This is often necessary when the model requires significant editing or clean-up, or requires a different material. 
  2. The Library will require an STL file to print your 3D object.
    • You may supply this via USB drive or email. 
    • If you cannot supply an STL file, the Library will help you find one if possible. 
  3. The Library will contact you when your model is complete or if there is a problem.
    • Note: Printing a standard model typically requires between one to two weeks if all required files are of good quality; specific cases may take longer depending on complexity and availability of materials.

Printed Object Requirements & Limitations

  • Printing is for research or academic purposes only
  • Requesters must be ATSU students, faculty, or staff
  • Models must be approved for printing by 3D Print Staff
  • Models cannot exceed 10x10x10 cubic inches
  • Single color printing only

STEP ONE : Find/Create STL file

The 3D Printers require a CAD based STL (STereoLithography) file for printing. STL files can be created using a 3D scanner or downloaded from other sources.

  • Users must bring a suitable STL file to the Library for use with the printer.
    • See the page to the left for assistance finding an open source STL file suitable for printing. 
STL & CAD file visualization comparison image from Wikipedia

STEP TWO : The Printers



STEP THREE : The Washers

3D printed models must be cleaned of support materials that still adhere to their surfaces after printing is complete. The Library uses specific washers to clean models when possible. For models built using the Affinia H+1, cleaning must be done by hand.

3D Printing Policy [2018]