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2023 NIH Data Management Sharing Policy Guidelines

NIH Guidance for Writing a DMSP

DMSP Outline

A two page supplemental document detailing the following areas: 

  • Data Type: A general summary of the types and estimated amount of scientific data to be generated and/or used in the research. Describe data in general terms that address the type and amount/size of scientific data expected to be collected and used in the project
  • Related Tools, Software and/or Code: An indication of whether specialized tools are needed to access or manipulate shared scientific data to support replication or reuse, and name(s) of the needed tool(s) and software.
  • Standards: An indication of what standards will be applied to the scientific data and associated metadata (i.e., data formats, data dictionaries, data identifiers, definitions, unique identifiers, and other data documentation).
  • Data Preservation, Access & Associated Timelines: The name of the repository(ies) where scientific data and metadata arising from the project will be archived. Data Storage Format.
  • Access, Distribution & Reuse Considerations: Describe any applicable factors affecting subsequent access, distribution, or reuse of scientific data related to: Informed consent (e.g., disease-specific limitations, particular communities’ concerns). Privacy and confidentiality protections (i.e., de-identification, Certificates of Confidentiality, and other protective measures) consistent with applicable federal, Tribal, state, and local laws, regulations, and policies.
  • Oversight of Data Management & Sharing: Indicate how compliance with the Plan will be monitored and managed, frequency of oversight, and by whom (e.g., titles, roles).

DMP Tool: Writing the DMSP

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