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Grants & You Spring 2021: Internal Grants Funded - Congratulations!

Internal Grants Funded

ATSU Scholarly Innovation Grant – Health Professions Education for the Future: Teaching and Learning in the Age of COVID-19

Mary-Katherine McNatt, DrPH, MPH, MCHES, CPH, COI, CGHS Master of Public Health; M. Lindsay Wright, DMD, MPH, CGHS MPH-Dental Emphasis; and Susan Thomas, MSEd, CGHS Administration, “Epidemiology and Interactive Outbreak Simulation Curriculum Pilot,” $5,000.

John Olson, PhD, SOMA Anatomy; Mark Coty, PhD, SOMA Administration; Earla White, PhD, MEdSOMA Undergraduate Medical Education; and Deborah Heath, DO, SOMA Osteopathic Principles & Practice, “Enhancing Student Knowledge Retrieval Through a University-Wide Customizable Platform that Leverages Self-Directed and Longitudinal Competency Assessments,” $3,148.

Hanan Omar, BDS, MSC, PhD, Ammar Musawi, BDS, MDS, and Graziela Batista, DDS, PhD, MOSDOH Education; and Lisa Archer, BSN, RN, KCOM Medical Education, “Development of a Dental Interactive Case-based Learning Model (DICBLM) for D2 Students,” $1,445.

Cailee Welch Bacon, PhD, ATC, Barton Anderson, DHSc, ATC, and Kenneth Lam, ScD, ATC, ASHS Athletic Training, “Development of an Academic Electronic Medical Record to Cultivate Students’ Patient Care Documentation Practices and Use of Health Information Technology,” $4,925.

Amy Wing, MMS, PA-C, Kimberly DeVore, MS, PA-C, Ami Mikhail, MS, PA-C, and Tess Coon, MS, PA-C, ASHS Physician Assistant Studies, “Comparison of End of Rotation (EOR) Exam Performance for Clinical Year Physician Assistant Students Enrolled in Traditional Versus Hybrid Model Learning Curriculum Due to Covid-19 Pandemic,” $5,000.

Bonnie Wong, DO, SOMA OMM Center, and Tala Dajani, MD, MPH, SOMA Clinical Science Education, “Virtual Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Rotation (VOMMR),” $5,000.

ATSU Scholarly Innovation Grant – Development of Standardized Patient Cases/Scenarios Focused on Cultural Proficiency

Monica Nenad, DHEd, CHES, Scott Howell, DMD, MPH, FSCD, and Krina Patel, D1, ASDOH, “Assessment of LGBTQ Knowledge and Attitudes Among Health Care Student Clinicians: A Pilot Study,” $2,315.

Lorree Ratto, PhD, FT, and Lisa McNeil, SOMA Medical Simulation; Carolina Quezada, MD, RDME, and Norma Villanueva, MD, MPH, RDME, SOMA Clinical Education; Grace Stewart, MD, SOMA Clinical Science Education; and Shar Dedmari, OMS IIAdan Garcia-Mecinas, OMS II, and Yesenia Salazar, OMS II, SOMA, “Culturally Proficient Standardized Patients Cases,” $2,500.