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Data Services

A Guide of Library Data Services

Citation Basics

Data requires citations for the same reasons journal articles and other types of publications require citations. It is to acknowledge the original author/producer, and to help other researchers find the resource.  It allows for tracking in the reuse of data, and allows researchers to replicate research findings.

A dataset citation includes all of the same components as any other citation:

Author- The creator of the dataset.

Title- The name of the cited resource.

Publication Date- The day of when dataset was made available, the date all quality assurance procedures were completed, or the date the embargo period expired.

Publisher- The organization housing the data or performing quality assurance.

Edition- Level or stage of processing the data.

Version- The number of the current data iteration.

Access information- A URL or unique identifier for the data.

Examples of Citations


Cool, H. E. M., & Bell, M. (2011). Excavations at St Peter’s Church, Barton-upon-Humber [Data set]. doi:10.5284/1000389


(Footnote) H. E. M. Cool and Mark Bell, Excavations at St Peter’s Church, Barton-upon-Humber (accessed May 1, 2011), doi:10.5284/1000389.

(Bibliography) Cool, H. E. M., and Mark Bell. Excavations at St Peter’s Church, Barton-upon-Humber (accessed May 1, 2011). doi:10.5284/1000389.


Cool, H. E. M., and Mark Bell. “Excavations at St Peter’s Church, Barton-upon-Humber.” Archaeology Data Service, 2001. Web. 1 May 2011. <>.

Centers for Disease Control
National Center for Health Statistics.  National Ambulatory Medical Survey, 1994.  Public-use data file and documentation. 1996.

Citation Management Tools

DOIs or Unique Identifier Tools

Library Support

Contact your Liaison Librarian for help on formatting a citation using a data set or raw data.

Assistance offered on:

  • Formatting Citations
  • Finding DOIs
  • Selecting a citation manager
  • EndNote training