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Teaching & Learning Center Resources

Teaching & Learning Center (TLC): Level Up! Teaching Certificate

A.T. Still University’s (ATSU) Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) is an innovative center and University-wide resource that promotes teaching excellence, development opportunities, and activities across all University programs.

Certificate Program

TLC’s Level Up! Certificate Program

What is it?
The purpose of the TLC’s Level Up! certificate program is to provide training in current and emerging evidence-based teaching methods to increase student learning and achievement outcomes. The certificate program was designed to meet current faculty’s needs by providing an opportunity to develop a learner-centered, evidence-based, and reflective approach to teaching. As a result of completing this certificate program, participants will create such things as pinpoint learning objectives, enhanced syllabi, engaging classroom activities, and intuitive learning experiences.

What is in it for me?
The certificate program is for current and aspiring educators looking to enhance their teaching expertise and advance their careers as higher education teachers. Specifically, the certificate program helps ATSU educators with how to:

  1. - Integrate evidence-based teaching practices
  2. - Develop high-quality teaching materials
  3. - Improve their students’ learning outcomes
  4. - Network with other like-minded educators
  5. - Strengthen their curriculum vitae through a focused certification process

Who is eligible for this?
All A.T. Still University faculty, full-time or part-time, may pursue the TLC Level Up! certificate, regardless of full-time status or location.

What are the levels?
The TLC Level Up! certificate program consists of 4 levels; 3 levels completed in any order, with a fourth representing the culminating activity. The certificate program reflects that excellent teaching is highly individualized. Therefore, the program allows participants opportunities to enhance and reflect on their teaching practices in a customized and flexible manner at their own pace. As summarized in Table 1, to earn the TLC Level Up! certificate, the fourth level is unlocked after the first three levels are completed. Each level has a specific educational focus, such as:

Level 1 Pedagogy - During this level, participants learn about various evidence-based instructional approaches and techniques designed for students in significant, targeted learning experiences. Participants apply instructional strategies using a “backward” course design process to plan a new course or redesign an existing one for the deliverable.

Level 2 Technology - This level focuses on growing educator’s “digital fluency” in a way that empowers them to effectively use current and emerging technologies to enhance their teaching practices (e.g., maximizing the use of Canvas, the use of mobile learning strategies, and other tools). For the deliverable, participants will develop or revise an instructional program focused on integrating technology that fits their teaching and learning needs.

Level 3 Research - This level aims to empower participant’s abilities to apply and generate scientific knowledge on related instructional topics as a practical way to inform their instruction based on evidence-based practices. Participants will practice reviewing educational literature and craft an educational research proposal specific to their area of interest and expertise for the deliverable.

Level 4 Culminating Activity - Eligibility for this level is for participants who have completed the first three levels of the TLC Level Up! certificate program. During this level, participants will undergo a mid-course assessment process, or MAP, to receive feedback on an in-progress course of their choosing to demonstrate their teaching mastery of the fusion from all three levels: pedagogy, technology, and research. To inform the MAP, participants meet with a TLC consultant who a) observes the participant during a designated segment of instruction, b) meets with their students to collect their instructional insights about the class, and then 3) completes a follow up with the participant to discuss the details from the observation. MAPs can take the form of:

  1. - Face-to-Face Didactic Classroom or Clinical Laboratory Observation
  2. - Virtual Synchronous or Asynchronous Classroom Observation

Example plan of study
Table 2 represents an example sequence of presentations and courses needed to satisfy each Level Up! certificate program level. 

Table 2. Example plan of study to earn each level of the Level Up! certificate program.





Level 1


  1. (1-Credit) Converting ‘Collaboration’ from a Buzzword into Actual Practice

  2. (1-Credit) The Hy-Flex Classroom Model

  3. (1-Credit) Authentic Assessment Online

  4. (1-Credit) Online Clinical Assessment

  5. (1-Credit) Professional Education in an Online Environment: Opportunities, Pitfalls, and Assessment

  6. (5-Credits) Course Design Institute

Course Design Document

Level 2


  1. (1-Credit) Mobile Technology in Context: Faculty Panel

  2. (1-Credit) Google Slides for Instructors

  3. (1-Credit) Google Docs for Instructors

  4. (1-Credit) Google Drive for Instructors

  5. (1-Credit) Transitioning into the Digital Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Environment: [with] An Overview of Canvas

  6. (5-Credits) Educational Technology Integration Course

Digital Fluency Evaluation

Level 3


  1. (1-Credit) Conducting a Literature Review

  2. (1-Credit) Quantitative Research Methods: Experimental and nonexperimental research

  3. (1-Credit) Effect Size Statistics

  4. (1-Credit) Introduction to Qualitative Research

  5. (1-Credit) Data Analysis with SPSS

  6. (5-Credits) Educational Research Course

Research Proposal

Level 4

Pedagogy, Technology, and Research

  1. Mid-course Assessment Process (MAP)

Completion of MAP process along with accompanying forms

What is the process?
To enroll in the program, complete the Level Up! enrollment form. Enrollment in the program also allows the TLC to provide you with ongoing support as you progress through the program. You may enroll at any point in time during your teaching at ATSU and complete each level at your own pace. 

Ten credits must be earned to complete each level, along with submission of the associated deliverable. Credits are based on the amount of time needed to participate in the event and will be advertised in the eligible TLC event details.

After being enrolled, tracking your progress is done by completing a form shared every time you participate in an event. The form will also serve as the prompt when you are ready to complete your deliverable for each level. After accomplishing each level, you will receive a signed certificate of completion from the V.P.s of Academic Affairs for inclusion in your annual review file. After completing all four levels, participants will earn the distinguished designation as an ATSU Certified Health Sciences Educator.

Advanced Standing
As a bonus, the TLC and CGHS have made a reciprocity agreement that allows those who complete designated TLC training programs to be eligible to receive credit towards CGHS approved programs, as shown in Table 3. This agreement is a tuition cost-saving for those interested in additional training. Contingent on acceptance into one of the CGHS programs, ATSU employees who wish to take advantage of the TLC-CGHS advanced standing agreement should apply by sending a request to

Table 3. Programs from the TLC that count toward advanced standing in the respective CGHS program.

TLC Course

CGHS Course

CGHS Program

Course Design Institute 1.0

Instructional Design
and Program Planning

Certificate, MED, or EdD

Introduction to Educational Research

Introduction to Educational Research


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I pursue this certificate if I am not an ATSU faculty member? 
    • At this time, A.T. Still University faculty, full-time or part-time, may pursue the TLC Level Up! certificate, regardless of full-time status or location. If you are unsure if you are eligible to complete all levels of this program, please contact the TLC and we will direct accordingly. 
  2. Are postdocs eligible to pursue the Certificate? 
    • Yes, all those who support ATSU students may pursue the certificate, regardless of their status or location. 
  3. Is there a time limit to complete all the requirements for the certificate? 
    • No, you may work towards the certificate based on your own pace. 
  4. I attended TLC workshops before the 2020-2021 academic year. Can I receive credit for completing these workshops?
    • In most cases, qualifying workshops/offerings delivered in 2020-2021 can count for credit towards the certificate. If there is a past event you would like to petition for credit, submit an email to with your request by including your contact information and the event name and date (2020-2021) for consideration. 
  5. Can I receive credit for completing an external professional development course/webinar/workshop/etc.? 
    • Unfortunately, you can only earn credits by participating in designated TLC workshops/offerings you can find on the Programs and Events page.
  6. I forgot to submit my evaluation form. What do I do?
    • Never fear. The TLC keeps attendance records for every session you attend. Please complete the evaluation form (TLC website) for the event you would like to receive credit following the activity. 
  7. Can I combine credits from different categories to earn a mini-certificate?
    • No, each session/offering is designated to a category and may not be used for other types or duplicate credit in another category.
  8. Can I complete multiple levels at the same time?
    • Yes, however, please be aware that each event can only count towards one level at a time. Additionally, each level requires a deliverable once all required credits have been satisfied. We recommend completing each level one at a time.
  9. Which category does the workshop/offering I am attending apply to?
    • Review the TLC website → Program page. Under each eligible event, you will see a designation that advises its corresponding category.
  10. I do not see an available session/offering that I am interested in during this block. What should I do? 
    • Please be patient as we are hard at work to design and deliver professional development opportunities to satisfy the credit requirements needed for all categories. Session options will be subject to programming and availability. 
  11. I want to pursue the certificate, but I cannot attend in-person. Can I still participate?
    • Yes. Many of the events will be offered live both in-person and online.
  12. If I participate synchronously, via Zoom, how will I receive credit for the session?
    • If you participated in an eligible event, you just need to complete the post-event evaluation form to receive credit.
  13. Can I watch recorded sessions and use this to satisfy my credit requirements?
    • Unfortunately, not at this time. As instructors ourselves, we believe the learning value is being present and interacting in real-time.