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Systematic Reviews

Summarize the Review

The final product of the review is a document to report the results and explain the findings.  Whichever format is used, the information should be clear for the reader to replicate the study, interpret the data, and understand the strengths and weaknesses.

Reporting Standards

These guidelines and reporting standards offer specific advice for each section of the paper.  The PRISMA Explanations article goes into detail of each item found on the PRISMA checklist.  These guidelines are not rules, but merely recommendations of key elements to report.

Writing & Submitting the Manuscript

The systematic review final product could be a manuscript to an academic journal.  All team members should be co-authors, as their expertise was used in various parts of the process.

The library has a useful guide on Writing for Publication.

Your Liaison Librarian can recommend journals to consider for publication.  You will be supplied a list of 3-5 journals with the journal's metrics, author information, journal indexing, and time frame for decisions by publisher.

A useful evaluation tool is Think. Check. Submit.  Use their checklist to determine if the journal is a good fit for you.

Working with a Librarian

As a team member, the librarian can author and contribute to sections involving the protocol, eligibility criteria, sources used in searching, the search strategy, study selection (based on search retrieval data), and strengths and limitations of the search.  The librarian can also provide several journal options for publication.

If the librarian is serving as an advisory role, assistance and education is provided on the following items.

  • Education on key elements of the report
  • Education on what to document throughout the systematic review
  • Provide resources on various reporting standards
  • Provide a list of journal options for publication