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Systematic Reviews

Organizing the results

It is highly recommended to have a plan on how to organize search results before starting the search.  Team members should decide how they will collect and screen the citations.  This information will be needed when extracting the search results from the database.  It is also necessary to know how to collect grey literature that will be used.  A common method for collecting citations is to use a citation manager, like EndNote.  The added benefit of a citation manager is the software makes it easy to de-duplicate results and provides a location to store the full text.  Excel can also be used to see and screen the full list of references.


If you are extracting large sets of references from a database and need to break the results into sets, group results by year.  Grouping by year will allow you to keep track of publications as they are being pulled and put them into manageable sets.


EndNote Desktop is offered for free to ATSU faculty and staff.  To request the software to be installed on your computer, contact IT with a help desk ticket.

Students are able to use EndNote Basic, the free online version of EndNote.  An EndNote account is required to get started.

Gathering the Full Text

Full text articles can be found through the A.T. Still Memorial Library.  Access to the full text is either provided through the library's resources or through our Interlibrary Loan Service.  Use the guides below to learn how to find the full text.

Contact a librarian if you are having difficulty accessing the full text.

Working with a Librarian

As a team member, the librarian can be responsible for collecting and organizing the search results, put the search results in a format team reviewers can use to screen citations, and help gather the full text of references.

If the librarian is serving as an advisory role, education is provided on the following items.

  • Education on using EndNote for organizing results
  • Education on finding the full text of references
  • Education on pulling search results from databases