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SOMA Faculty LibGuide

A guide for SOMA Faculty to learn about library support.

Encouraging Library Use

Students are more likely to use the library and it's resources if encouraged by faculty.  There are many library related tutorials and pages that can easily be added to course content.

Some key websites to consider adding:

  • SOMA Program Page    
    This guide is a place for students to easily find library resources used in their program.  All required readings are provided and split by year.  Each clinical rotation topic area has clinical resources that are useful for making evidence based decisions or as a handy reference.
  • Library Research FAQ
    This guide is a getting starting place to learning how to use the library.  Since our collection is mostly online, it can be overwhelming at first.  Students will learn how to find different types of material and how to use various resources.  
  • Writing & Citation Hub
    This guide provides access to resources and tutorials on writing and citation formats.  Students often have questions relating to APA or AMA; use the APA or AMA resources for the basics.
  • Arizona Library Services
    The Library offers a lot of useful services beyond providing access to books and articles.  Students can learn about other services we offer, to help in their academic career.  Whether it be poster printing, equipment borrowing, or study space, we are here to help.

Literature Searching

Literature searching is not conducted for students.  This is a skill students need to learn and practice while in school.  Librarians do offer assistance and guidance for students on literature searching.

Students are taught how to:

  • Select a database or information source to find relevant information
  • Identify keywords to begin or modify the search
  • Use MeSH terms or other controlled vocabulary in searching
  • Database features to make searching easier and more precise
  • Export results and organize through EndNote

Exam Prep

There is a large Exam Prep collection relating to COMLEX, USMLE, and Board Review books.  Students can use these as an additional study tool.  We provide access to two different interactive platforms with large question banks, case file collections for real life scenarios, clerkship related eBooks, or topic specific eBooks.

Exam Prep Guide

Access Issues

Access issues can occur with library resources due to the size of our collection and the various resources we use.  For help, you can email your Liaison Librarian at or the Electronic Resource Librarian Lora Hanson at


If you can not access the full text of an eBook, please let us know.  The book may have been removed from our collection by mistake, or it should be a platform issue.

Article full text

If you can not access the full text of an article, send an email to  You will either receive the full text or the article will be requested on your behalf.

You may also use the Report a Broken Link option in Still OneSearch.  This will notify the library and the full text will be sent to you ASAP.  


Common issues and fixes


Access to the UpToDate app stops working.

If you are off campus, start at the ATSU portal and go to the library website.
2. Click on our Database page
3. Under Popular & Core Databases, click on UpToDate

  • If you get to a "Sign in with an OpenAthens account" screen, search for ATSU under "Find Your Organisation" by searching for A.T. Still University.  You will need to relog into the portal.  Then you will need to click "Log Out" in the top right corner and re log in with your UpToDate username and password.
  • If you get right to UpToDate, you just need to log in with your UpToDate username and password.

Resource Status

Technical issues are reported through the Resource Status twitter page, found on the Library Homepage.

Library Help Hub