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Research Ethics, Collaboration, & Skills

Responsible Conduct of Research

"In general terms, responsible conduct in research is simply good citizenship applied to professional life. Researchers who report their work honestly, accurately, efficiently, and objectively are on the right road when it comes to responsible conduct. Anyone who is dishonest, knowingly reports inaccurate results, wastes funds, or allows personal bias to influence scientific findings is not."

(Introduction to the Responsible Conduct of Research, Nicholas Steneck)

What is Research Integrity?

Research integrity is a system of shared values in scientific research. Research integrity includes:

  • the use of honest and verifiable methods in proposing, performing, and evaluating research
  • reporting research results with particular attention to adherence to rules, regulations, guidelines, and
  • following commonly accepted professional codes or norms.

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CITI Training Program

ATSU is affiliated with CITI Program, which offers training courses on research ethics, compliance, and professional development. To take and record any of the courses ATSU subscribes to PRIOR TO submitting a proposal to the IRB or participating in work on a research study, register for a personal account using your ATSU email address. Select your affiliated ATSU campus from the Organizations drop-box.

Distance Education Students or Faculty: If you are in a CGHS program, select Missouri. If you are in an ASHS program, select Arizona.

Note: If you have an existing CITI account from another university or organization, you may add ATSU as an additional or primary affiliation by logging into your existing account. 

Self Training & Tutorials

Retractions & Publication Challenges

Research Ethics eBooks