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Library Training Modules

Library instruction series to improve evidence-based practice and research skills among students, faculty and staff of ATSU

Module Description

This training module will introduce the concepts of evidence levels, how to differentiate levels of evidence found within the literature and how to critically analyze evidence. 

No prior research experience is required to attend. It is recommended that participants attend modules in the order listed to build their skills incrementally. 

Participants are encouraged to bring questions related to assignments and research projects. 

Please take a moment to review the Module Prep Activities and review the case file provided prior to the Module Training. 

If you would like any access accommodations or would prefer to meet 1:1 with a librarian:

Module Objectives

Participants in the Case studies, Clinical databases & Critical appraisal module will: 

1. Identify the differences between synthesized and primary research evidence.

2. Identify how to determine the level of evidence provided within a research study.

3. Identify why and how to critically analyze a research study. 

Module Prep Activities

Prep activities are not a requirement to attend the module. They are a way to help prompt questions you may have that can then be answered in the module. We will review aspects of the prep activities within the module. 

  1. Introduction to Critical Appraisal

Additional resources: