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Quizzes, Tests and Polling

Polling Software

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a polling question system that allows students to answer on their mobile device, laptop, or even text their answer. It offers live response tracking as well as LMS grading integration, and can be incorporated into PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides.

Turning Point Student Response System (clickers)

Turning Point uses clickers to record student feedback. The AZ campus library offers two sets (approx. 50 clickers) of clickers for instructors to use. Turning Point works best for live, in-person classes because it requires hand-held clickers. Turning Point clickers can be integrated into PowerPoint presentations or used in less structured classroom settings. This kind of polling works well for a single class, but student responses will not be tracked or recorded over time.


Socrative is a free polling software that allows you to ask students questions during your lectures and visualize the results. Students can login through their phones or computers. Their "space race" function allows students or teams to compete with one another to answer questions correctly.


kahoot​Kahoot is a free survey and polling software that can be accessed on any device. Kahoot uses a game-like design and colors to make interacting and participating more "fun." However, its technological support is underwhelming. Although no account is required for student participation, accessing the "game" PIN and navigating through the Kahoot interface is not easy for non-technological natives. That said, with no limit on the number of participants or the device types used to access the poll, Kahoot is still one of the only truly free options for large classroom settings. 

Blackboard Collaborate Polling

blackboard collaborateBlackboard Collaborate Polling allows you to conduct student polling directly from your live blackboard course. If you are already using Blackboard Collaborate to stream your lectures, this allows you to stay within the platform without downloading an additional program. Blackboard Collaborate Polling works primarily for live lectures and participation. Blackboard Collaborate's polling feature does not currently work on iPads.

Zoom Polling

zoomZoom now offers polling for webinars and video conferences. Zoom allows you to schedule up to 15 polls per session, with a maximum of 10 questions per poll. Although Zoom does have these limitations, it is supported by ATSU's ITS. Faculty have access to Zoom Pro accounts through ITS.

Adobe Captivate

adobe captivateFor departments with access to the full Adobe suite, Adobe Captivate also offers a polling feature. Since they are software-based you can continue to analyze poll data and re-use polls. The Adobe connect website does not offer substantive support, however the adobe community does offer some video instructions on polling.


plickersPlickers are printable cards used for in-person polling. Teachers download an app to scan the classroom responses and translate them into data points. This app can allow you to associate responses with specific students to track them over time.