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Notes and Bibliography




Mendeley isn’t just a great note taking tool, it also offers Bibliography help. It can be installed into your browser or Word document. It will help you make your bibliography (and format it correctly) in Word.

Mendeley is a note taking software that focuses more on academic use. It is designed primarily for desktop computers but it can be accessed on your mobile device or tablet. It combines a robust note taking interface with a reference manager, PDF annotator, and content organizer.

Mendeley will sync your notes so you can access them remotely and it will date your entries in case you need to find notes for a specific class later. Mendeley also offers the ability to securely share papers, notes and annotations..

The downside: As with all cloud storage services, Mendely is only free for 2 GB of space.


zoteroZotero is a free, online tool for organizing maintaining bibliographies. It offers a web browser add-on so that you can collect, manage, cite and share research sources as you find them online. Zotero also interfaces with word processors to help make print bibliographies. 


easy bib​EasyBib is a free bibliography generator. It allows you to search for books, articles or journals and helps you format your references in the correct format. By creating a free account it will save your references. Please note- the FREE version of EasyBib only converts citations to MLA.

EasyBib is also a fantastic digital image citation reference. It offers an app and add-ons for Chrome and Google Docs.



end noteEndNote offers a free, but limited, online service to create bibliographies and save your references. It also offers a “manuscript matcher” to help you identify journals for future publication. EndNote, however, primarily caters to its downloadable desktop and mobile software subscription service.

IT offers free EndNote accounts for faculty. Please request one via Ivanti using the ATSU Portal : Instructions

Google Add-Ins

google docsGoogle Docs supports a number of bibliography and citation managers. The benefit to these add-ins is that you don't need to work with a new system, they're incorporated directly into all your documents on your drive. EasyBib mentioned above, for example, offers a bibliography creator for Google docs that can also work within Google chrome to save citations for you. Another add-in that we love is PaperPile. PaperPile allows you to look up references, link citations together so that formatting one will format the others as you add them later in  your paper and access AMA or APA formatting.

Cite This For Me

cite this for me logoCite This For Me is a web-based citation creator and manager that is great for maintaining a cloud based bibliography. This free website allows you to cite in APA, Harvard and MLA, and helps you format your citations correctly. Moreover, it allows you to download your bibliographies as formatted Word documents. The Pro (paid) version also offers a Chrome add-on and a mobile app. This service is fairly straightforward to use, but does not provide tutorials or additional support.