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Media Editing Software

Media Editing Software


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Camtasia Studio 9 is the latest version of TechSmith's video and audio editing software. It allows you to import existing media to create multi-media lectures, and it offers a very robust Screen Capture tool. Camtasia allows fairly advanced audio editing and comes with a range of visual effects. You can highlight or increase the size of your mouse, zoom in and out of the video frame, and add layered visuals. Camtasia 9 boasts improved quizzing and interactive hotspots that can link to outside content. 

Camtasia also offers a Power Point add-in to let you record your lecture directly from your Slideshow.

 ios friendly windows compatible


audacity logoAudacity is a free audio recording and editing program. All audacity files are exported in .WAV or .MP3. These file formats will allow you to upload edited audio into other editing programs to link with video or they can be sent directly to students.

   ios friendly windows compatible


Garageband is an audio creating and editing tool that allows users to create music or podcasts.  Since Garageband is part of the Apple iLife suite, it works well with other Apple editing and content creation software. Although Garageband is primarily aimed at people creating music, their editing features make it an excellent online content tool.

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Although iMovie is a video editing software, it interfaces with your Mac's FaceTime camera or built-in camera to record video.


videoshop logoVideoshop is a video editing app that allows you to make fairly advanced edits on your mobile device. Videoshop allows you to record or import audio, crop and trim video footage, and offers some basic video filters.While you may not want to upload hour-long lectures to your mobile device and edit them from there, for short videos Videoshop is a great resource!

The Videoshop App does not offer tutorial support, however there are numerous helpful tutorials on YouTube.

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wavepad iconWavePad is a free audio editing software for mac and windows. It offers numerous advanced features for audio editing including an echo effect.WavePad also offers sound effects that you can add to your track. 

   ios friendly windows compatible