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Collaboration Tools

Collaboration & Discussion

Google Docs

google docs iconGoogle Docs allow you to collaborate and share documents securely. Your ATSU email account comes equipped with Google Drive and Google Docs. Collaborating with Google Docs allows you to add comments and replies. Your team can also suggest edits and chat. 

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Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is similar to Google Docs but with improved editing functions. For collaboration you can choose which parts of the document can be edited, and each edit can be commented on by the group. 


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​Diigo is an online Social Bookmarking tool that makes sharing information even easier! The site comes with browser add-ons and allows you to annotate and share webpages and documents. It also supports a discussion section and works well for group collaborations.

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verso iconVerso is a collaborative educational software that focuses on improving discussions. The app allows students to answer discussion questions anonymously, and it only allows them to see others' responses once they have answered the initial question. From there, it tracks student interaction. It also offers an iPad app.

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A Web Whiteboard

a web whiteboardA Web Whiteboard is a touch-friendly online whiteboard and app that lets you draw and collaborate on projects. The free version won't let you save your board, but you can always take a screen shot of it (there is a list of screen capture software from the ETDC).

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