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Presentation Software

Power Point

power point iconPowerPoint is a classic presentation software that can either create independent presentations or serve as the foundation for more complex ones using Articulate Storyline 2 and Office Mix. It provides options for including notes, animations, internal navigation, simple templates, etc. The University's Communication and Marketing department also supplies some official ATSU branded templates. The following offer some helpful best practices for teaching and ADA compliance:

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keynote iconKeynote is Apple's version of PowerPoint. Keynote offers collaboration tools to allow teams to create presentations or lectures together. The collaboration beta is a also a great way to work with Preceptors so that they can send you their presentations ahead of time and edit them later. Keynote works well across all apple devices and the online presentation can be edited on any device. 

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prezi icon​Prezi is an alternative presentation software that is hosted online. Prezi is great for short or one-off presentations because its non-linear format is a little more time consuming to put together. These presentations work with shifting spatial perceptions and connections to link your presentation information.


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Articulate Storyline 2

storyline 2 iconArticulate Storyline 2 works with traditional PowerPoint slides to create interactive, changeable timelines. Storyline 2 incorporates quizzing, embedded content, and other interactive features. After importing your Slides, you are able to change how a student interacts with the slides by creating new connections to make your presentation less linear. This software is great for building online lectures because it allows for self-navigation and can export interactive analytics directly to Blackboard. 

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Adobe Suite

adobe presenterAdobe Presenter works with PowerPoint to add interactive games, quizzes and other elements. It also allows you to create slide branching to support spontaneous or decision-based navigation. Thanks to the Adobe suite the Adobe Presenter also includes browse-able embedded web content. 

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Office Mix

office mix iconOffice Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint that allows you to make your PowerPoint into an interactive video. It offers Voice, Video and annotation capabilities, as well as polls and analytics. Presentations produced through Office Mix work well on any device. 

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slide shark iconSlide Shark is a mobile app that allows you to upload a PowerPoint and broadcast it, annotate it, and track presentation viewing analytics. The app not only lets you take your PowerPoint on the go, it can give you mobile reference notes while you are presenting. 

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E-Lecture Producer

e-lecture producer hd logoE-Lecture Producer HD allows you to work on PowerPoint slides on your iOS mobile device. It is great for on-the-go work and will allow you to record audio for PowerPoint and PDF images. To save your projects, you wil need to export to a ZIP file, which means that you will need to export the entire folder to your Blackboard or Google drive if you want to use this app. 

Please note that the Support for this App is contained with in the application itself. 

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