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Recording a Lecture or Podcast

Want to record a lecture with the ETDC? Please contact your local librarian (AZ) or (MO) We will help you set up an appointment to use the university's recording facilities!
  Recording a Lecture or Podcast

Office Mix

office mix iconOffice Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint that allows you to make your PowerPoint into an interactive video. It offers Voice, Video and annotation capabilities, as well as polls and analytics. Presentations produced through Office Mix work well on any device. 


    windows compatible 

Blackboard Collaborate

blackboard collaborate icon Blackboard has an integrated lecture recording system within the LMS. Blackboard Collaborate offers polling, live class discussion boards, screen capture, and a whiteboard to allow you to pre-record or live-record your lectures.


Blackboard Collaborate also offers an App that works across devices. 

   ios friendly windows compatible 


zoom logoZoom offers an easy interface to record your lectures. To record a lecture in Zoom, select "Record this meeting" and then Share your Screen. With your University-provided Zoom Pro account you can choose to pause your recording. 

Zoom also offers more advanced features, including a live Green Screen that you can add to your lecture recording. 

   ios friendly windows compatible mobile app

Camtasia Studio

camtasia icon

Camtasia Studio 9 is the latest version of TechSmith's video and audio editing software. It allows you to import existing media to create multi-media lectures, and it offers a very robust Screen Capture tool. Camtasia also supports the ability to simultaneously record your screen and your webcam feed in case you want to transition from one to another or superimpose them in your final presentation. Camtasia 9 boasts improved quizzing and interactive hotspots that can link to outside content. 

Camtasia also offers a Power Point add-in to let you record your lecture directly from your Slideshow.

   ios friendly windows compatible

Articulate Studio '13

articulate icon

Articulate Studio '13 is a suite of E-Learning software applications that can turn PowerPoint presentations into online, interactive presentations.  The suite works within Power Point to add audio to your slides and it offers a wide variety of quizzing options. Studio '13 can be loaded directly into Blackboard to link with tracking student activity or your grade book. Articulate also offers a fantastic support community called "E-Learning Heroes" that sends out newsletters, templates, and a wide variety of tutorials. If you are interested in obtaining an Articulate Studio '13 license please contact your ETDC Librarian.

    windows compatible


screencast o matic icon

Screencast-o-matic is a FREE software that will record your screen and audio. The paid version ($15/yr) gives you unlimited recording time and basic editing tools. The program is easy to use and will allow you to download your content as an mp4.

   ios friendly windows compatible

PowerPoint (Save as Video)

powerpoint iconPower Point offers an option to record audio and then export your presentation as an MP4 (video). These files can be fairly large but if you want to record on a slide by slide basis without paying for additional software this is a great option!

To save your Power Point as an MP4:

  • Record your Audio (select Insert and select Audio)
  • Set your Audio Playback  to Start Automatically. Do NOT let it Play Across Slides or Loop Until Stopped
  • Select Slide Show and Record Slide Show from the beginning (Make sure you record the entire presentation and that the audio is working (if you silence your audio it will not record it))
  • Select File and Save As a movie (MP4) or (Mpeg 4)

Further instructions can be found from Microsoft Office Support:

   ios friendly windows compatible

Adobe Captivate

adobe captivate iconFor departments that support the Adobe Suite, a great recording option is Adobe Captivate. The current Adobe Captivate 9 also integrates PowerPoint. Adobe Captivate also incorporates question slides and options for in-course web browsing.


   ios friendly windows compatible

Echo 360

echo 360 iconEcho 360 is available in ATSU classrooms. It allows you to capture the content on the classroom computer, microphone and ceiling camera. Echo 360 integrates with Blackboard but it also allows you to export the content as an MP4 or MP3 to share elsewhere. 


   ios friendly windows compatible


ishowu hd pro iconiShowU records what is on your screen, as well as your audio narration. It also has the option to turn on (or off) tracking for your mouse.

If you are looking for a screen recorder for an Mac OS device that is easy and intuitive to use, iShowU is a fantastic option. iShowU also comes with more advanced options including iShowU studio for adding text, highlights, and video editing. The HD Pro version includes additional editing support and will allow you to record keystrokes. 

   ios friendly


imovie icon

Although iMovie is a video editing software, it interfaces with your Mac's FaceTime camera or built-in camera to record video. It offers one of the better options for Apple-friendly video editing software, so recording in iMovie can make your life easier. That said, to ensure a high-quality video, we recommend you use an external USB webcam rather than the built-in camera.

   ios friendly


touchcastTouchcast is a FREE iPad app that allows you to record up to 20 minutes of content, and offers some advanced editing capabilities, including green screen. Touchcast allows you to use your tablet's touch-screen capabilities to annotate and mark up visuals. It also offers responsive, interactive content. 

  mobile app

E-Lecture Producer

electure producer icon HD The E-Lecture producer app allows you to convert and edit slides on your mobile device. It has a built-in audio recording system and can import PdF and PowerPoint files. The E-Lecture Producer records audio for each slide and then allows you to compress the finished product into a ZIP file so you can export it to your Gmail, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Because this is a mobile app, the main issue you will face is the slide file size. The E-Lecture producer is a great on-the-go option, however you may need to reduce your PowerPoint size (and image quality) to be able to record the entire lecture through this app.

  mobile app


tellagami icon​Tellagami is an animation app that allows you to record 30-90 seconds of audio -or text to speech (TTS)- and embed the video into your lecture. This app allows you to incorporate your own backdrops, so you can effectively make it appear like the animated character is talking over a slide.

  mobile app