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Kirksville Campus Curbside Pickup: Home

Information about how and where to pick up and return requested books from the Missouri Campus Library

Library Print Services during the Pandemic

The Library is offering two print book services during the COVID-19 library closure.

ATSM Library Print Book Borrowing MOBIUS Interlibrary Print Book Borrowing
  • 4 week loans
  • Renewal online or via email to
  • Print Reserve books may be borrowed for 1 week IF the library has a second or e-book copy
    • If the Library only has a single copy of a Reserve book, you may request a scan of a chapter via email
  • Find books in the ATSU Library Catalog
  • Pick up and return at the Kirksville campus Commons
  • 3-4 week loans
  • Free access to books from 78 public and academic libraries
  • Find books in the MOBIUS Library Catalog
  • Pick up and return at the campus Commons
  • NOTE: MOBIUS Borrowing is temporarily suspended, but is in the process of reopening

Note: Online resource access continue unchanged. Librarian and staff assistance is available virtually.

How to Request & Return Books

Commons area book pickup and drop The Library has a curbside pickup station inside the North door to the Kirksville Campus Commons area.

Request ATSU or MOBIUS Books

  1. Order your books via either:
    1. Email your request to OR
    2. Use our Interlibrary Loan request form OR
    3. Send a request through the library catalog

If we do not have the book, please search for it in the MOBIUS union catalog to enter a MOBIUS borrowing request. 

If MOBIUS does not have it, you are welcome to request that the library consider purchasing it via an email to We cannot purchase all requests, but we will if possible and if it fits our library's scope.

Pick Up Books

  1. Wait for an email telling you that they have arrived
  2. Go to the Commons area on campus
  3. Find your books waiting for you in a single square on the Library's pickup table
  4. Do not touch or handle books waiting for other people

Renew Books

  1. ATSU Books
    1. Either send an email to OR
    2. Use your library Personal ID through the Library Catalog
  2. MOBIUS Books
    1. Send an email to to ask if this is possible

Return Books

  1. Go to the Commons area
  2. Place both ATSU and MOBIUS books in the Media & Book Drop at the Library station

Changes to Overdue Book Policies

The Library has eliminated standard overdue fines and fees.  These are the new policies:

  Return dates Overdue Notice 2nd Notice 3rd Notice
Standard Books Backdate to last staff check of return bin Due date Week 3

Week 6

  • Book is assumed lost
  • Borrower is charged replacement cost plus $20 processing fee
  • Borrower can return book or provide new copy to vacate fees
  • Borrower cannot borrow more books until this is resolved
Reserve Books Backdate to last staff check of return bin Due Date Week 2

Week 3

  • Book is assumed lost
  • Borrower is charged replacement cost plus $20 processing fee
  • Borrower cannot borrow more books until this is resolved

A.T. Still Memorial Library Print Books

You may either email a request to, send in an Interlibrary Loan Request form entry, or enter an automated request via a personal account in the Library Catalog.  If you enter your request via the Library Catalog, you will be able to request renewals and check your due dates online.  

Library Catalog Requests

  1. Search for books in the library's Catalog, which includes both print and e-books
  2. Find it by clicking on the E-Books tab or in the Discovery Tools box on the library homepage
  3. Search for a topic of interest
Image of links to library catalog in discovery tool box, search box, and ebooks tab
  1. From the Results list screen, click Modify Search at the top to limit by Type to Book/Journal to exclude e-books

Image of modify search button above search field

image of modify screen with Book/Journal type limit circled

  1. Open a print book record from the Results list
  2. Click the Request icon at the top of an open book record to request the book
Image of Request icon in top left of book record screen
  1. You will need a Library Id and PIN to be able to request a book.
  2. Your Library ID is your ATSU full student/staff ID number plus a campus code
    • ATSU -  All staff or faculty
    • KCOM - All students
  3. You will create a PIN with your first request
Image of request login screen
ATSU Book Requests & Renewals

  Leisa Walter 

MOBIUS Book Requests
  Leisa Walter
Campus Library Manager

  Susan E. Swogger, MLIS

Library Book Quarantine Procedures

The Library is following book handling and quarantine procedures based upon recommendations from the American Library Association, the Missouri State LibraryMOBIUS Consortium, and the Centers for Disease Control. They may change in light of new information from these sources.


Order of Operations

  1. Book request response processes
    1. Respond to requests
    2. Collect requested books
    3. Check out requested books and wrap with user information
    4. Notify requestors
    5. Deliver requested ATSU and MOBIUS books to Commons Area
  2. Shelve returned ATSU books that have passed quarantine
  3. Deliver MOBIUS Courier Bags that have passed quarantine to Commons Area 
  4. Collect bin of newly arrived MOBIUS Courier bags
  5. Collect bin of returned books from Commons Area
  6. Place returned items in quarantine


Requested Books

ATSU community members can send in requests for books via, the Library catalog’s Personal ID service, or using the interlibrary loan form linked to the library homepage. MOBIUS requests will be handled as usual.

Library staff will wear gloves whenever handling the books.

  1. Check books out to users from their submitted requests before visiting shelves or handling books.
  2. Send an email notification that their books are waiting for them to pick up.
  3. Collect the requested books from the MOBIUS quarantine area or library shelves.
  4. Wrap the books with borrower information forms.
  5. Wipe down table square with sanitizer. Place the books on a marked square on the library table in the Commons.  Use each square for only one person’s requests at a time.

Only one staff member will handle books at this time. If we need to ask other staff to do so, we will wait for a period of 72 hours in between accesses to allow them to decontaminate naturally.


Book Quarantine Study Room

Books or other items are to be quarantined for 72 hours on arrival or after known human contact.

There are multiple tables in our dedicated locked quarantine study room, with an ionizer and standing signs. The ionizer will run whenever there are books in the room.

  1. Rat signs will be on the tables with items that have been in the quarantine room for less than 72 hours. Remember – treat these books like dead rats. Do not touch them with bare hands.
  2. Each table will only have items received on a single day. 
  3. Write the day and time the books were added on the white board next to the relevant table.


Shelving Books

Library staff will shelve any books finished with quarantine before handling new returns. Library staff will wear gloves whenever handling the books.

  1. Upon entering the room, check the day and time written next to each table on the white board to be sure it has been 72 hours, then wipe it clean.
    1. If it has not been 72 hours, do not wipe the board or move the books.
  2. Collect books that have been in the room at least 72 hours.
  3. Check the books back into the system or into MOBIUS.
  4. Shelve our books.
  5. Package MOBIUS’s books into a courier bag that has finished quarantine.


Returned or Newly Arrived MOBIUS Books

Staff will collect returned or newly arrived MOBIUS books from the Commons by picking up the return or delivery bins. Returned or newly arrived books will stay in the library’s quarantine room for 72 hours.

These books are to be considered contaminated. They are dead rats. If someone needs to move one, use a stick or gloves. 

  1. Collect a bin of returned books from the Commons area Book & Media Drop without touching the books within it.
  2. Put a new bin into the Book & Media Drop.
  3. Enter the quarantine room. 
  4. Write the date and time on the white board next to an empty table.
  5. Move the Rat sign onto the table if it is not already there. 
  6. Set the bin of returned books on the empty table.
  7. Dump MOBIUS books from their courier bag onto the table. Place the empty bag on the table.
  8. Discard the gloves without touching the outside with fingers.
  9. Use hand sanitizer and wipe down the cart handle.